Cosmic Conjunction

Hoping all are feeling the excitement of the upcoming Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn!

REMINDER: Solstice Ceremony “From Darkness to Light from Unawareness to Enlightenment”  This will be a powerful ceremony reconfiguring past individual, family and cultural patterns with profound effects in your life and the world around you. Mon Dec 21st 7-9:30p When you register you will receive a list of items to gather for the event.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction and Solstice Energetics are full of powerful potentials for the transformation of your life and the Evolution of humanity. This particular conjunction hasn’t occurred for 800yrs and is poised to initiate a wholly new way for humanity to be in relation to oneself, others and the earth. Moreover there is potential for large leaps and/or completion of other existences (lives) in other dimensions. worlds or realms of you.

There is much tied into what is deemed to be ‘reality’. You are a focal point of many simultaneous existences of your eternal Soul in its exploration of any and all variations of separateness and individuation from, yet still within or of, the Whole. This planet is a physical (and non physical) nexus for much of the universe that allows for the expansion or demise of many other planets, species and forms of Being. And as focal points, the choices we make have such wide reaching effects!

The Current Collective Consciousness Theme to ‘Stand Up’, ‘Stand For’, ‘Stand Against’, ‘Stand In’ and ‘Stand As’ dovetails perfectly with the upcoming conjunction. As well as the Solstice which is always an opportunity to enlarge your understanding and incorporation of duality, as it is structured in this particular universe and through the uniquely designed facets you have chosen to express it through as your life.

For Saturn is about being disciplined and doing the Psycho Spiritual work, revealing the areas in which we need to take responsibility, dissolving old rigid/stuck ways or if not they may be broken apart for us! While Jupiter can bring rewards from having done the work along with Spiritual insights and new ways of seeing things. Jupiter brings the energy of inclusiveness and embracing of ourselves, the other and all aspects of this dualistic experience as Divine and perfect even in its apparent chaos. Or as I refer to it ‘Mutual Duality’. (More about this in the Solstice event)

This is the time to Stand Up for what you want, desire, is your right as a human being; Stand For the things you feel are vital for you, your children, your country, the environment; Stand Against that which you see as harmful, hurtful, destructive; Stand In your knowing, your power, your Essence; Stand As who you truly, authentically are, as a multiexistencial Soul here purposefully, wisely and with full free will choice!

Please take an opportunity to listen to this week’s Vlog or at least the meditation which begins at approx 24min mark which will format and configure your energy field for optimum receptivity for change and new possibilities and potentials.

Then join me on Mon Dec 21st for the Solstice Ceremony and transmission of the Energetics being gifted at this pivotal time on the planet.
This is a Donation only event with those funds going to the most in need in Camden, NJ and Indigenous Tribes.