New Dawn, New Day

Well, what a profound week this has been! Many are experiencing a sense of relief, others ‘breathing once again’ or an ease despite the continued challenges and conditions. We may have our feet barely upon it, but WE THE PEOPLE have chosen the path of Evolution and have stepped upon it!

This Ancient Future Wisdom intro and Energy Practice brings together the energetics of Healing, Cleansing and Celebration of us as a group. With Helpers from Nature, Guidance from Helpers involved in this Evolutionary process from it’s inception- The Ancients, and what many Indigenous peoples in various and wide ranging areas of the globe say are our origins as a species, the Pleiades.

If you did not get the chance or even if you watched on commercial television, I encourage you to take the opportunity over the weekend to participate in the beginnings of healing so palpable on Tues. night   Through the traditions of the Inaugural, affirming the continuation of this Experiment of Democracy in this form.

Here is the link to the evening Celebration without commercials and commentary which includes all the segments honoring the many who have kept our lives going and the amazing ways we have discovered creativity within us in unimaginable ways and then ‘putting it out there’ for all to see. It is a recognition and acknowledgement vital to us all! With fabulous music as an exclamation point after each section.

And here is this weeks offering of the Alchemical mix of all the ‘ingredients’ in the Update of Current Energetics and the Healing Practice which begins at approx. the 30min mark.