Time Loops of the Past

Hoping all enjoying the slow slide into winter weather!

Time! Such a fascinating subject, aspect of physics and subjective human experience. Yet this year it has been particularly unusual. Many feel like time has somehow slowed down and sped up simultaneously such that despite having more down time than ever, there still aren’t enough hours in the day! One more of the many paradoxical experiences of this planet’s evolution process!

The Current Collective Consciousness theme of Time Loops was evident in clients’ struggles with repeating the patterns of their past experience despite even being aware of them cognitively. Patterns which are embedded deep in the body where they were stashed and subsequently buried deeper and deeper as they continued to be experienced through childhood and then adulthood (with different protagonists, but the same patterns). These configurations are also held in the Energy Field in the levels which interface with the physioemotional body. They purposely come around again and again giving each of us the opportunity to explore and discover more about who we are and who we are not, each time we are triggered.

For those who are here to complete a particular mastery or expertise in an aspect of human nature (Old Souls) they continue to show up in more subtle ways enabling the exploration to continue to profounder levels of the piece with transformation of family lineage characteristics and cultural aspects that can transmute even unto the genetic level, thus evolving that trait out of the human species. At the same time more and wider reception of guidance comes ‘on line’ truly cooperating and collaborating with ones Wider Self by sending you information or clues.

Much like the Star Trek Next Generation episode I was led to this week (at an odd time and different station than normal!) “Cause and Effect”. Where the ship is caught in a time loop with crew members feeling Déjà vu repeatedly, figuring out a way to send a message through Data to break the loop. Although it took great effort and cooperation to accomplish it.

There are so very many Beings working in conjunction with you – here for you, to help you accomplish what your Soul had intended! This is not a solo Soul effort! This week the Fractal Time Masters were assisting and bringing forth information and validation through multiple sources. Many of the science journals that come almost daily this week reflected the way we measure the cosmos in terms of Time as well as the ‘long time’ of geology and paleontology in relation to human presence on the earth.

Listen to this week’s Vlog for more information and the Energetic Practice (meditation) which begins at approx. the 30min mark and you’ll experience in Real Time how the Fractal Time Masters made known their presence right there and then! https://youtu.be/6NUTwK1AVGM

Another was the movie Dr. Strange, which holds and transmits many Energetics of Time that can be ‘downloaded’ and incorporated into your system widening your human experience of Time. In it he actually creates a Time Loop to vanquish the villain and free the earth from domination.

The same is true of the human process of breaking repeating patterns for your freedom and that of this planet. As you are ‘apparently’ working to become more you, the very past of the human species gets rewritten! In regard to issues such as racism, dominance/control by the few of the many, existential threats of war, brutality, sexual exploitation and much more. When and as these patterns are transformed or for Old Souls transmuted, these patterns cease on the primitive levels and humans evolve.

For those who would like to rewrite their own personal patterns, I am turning back time to reflect fees for sessions from the year 2000! Valid until the end of this year for all returning and new clients. https://healersuniverse.com/contact/

This year’s Solstice Celebration and Ceremony will include the ‘Erasing of past patterns and Rewriting your-Our Future!” Monday December 21st at 7:00-9pm. Fee $30  When you register you will receive the list of items to have on hand for the Practices.