Future Potentials

Hoping all are enjoying the clear crisp air and skies!

We are still riding the New Way wave that was marked by the Solstice conjunction leading us to the Inauguration tomorrow as a Ceremony to celebrate the choice humanity has made to evolve!

Todays 30min ‘Drop In’ holds a container within which you can place your Dreams, Desires and Wishes for your future and that of this country and the world.
A short intro and citing of today’s helpers and guiding energetics starts the actual ‘Drop In’ at approx. the 9min mark

Tomorrow Inauguration Day I will be holding space and working with The Ancients (a council of Intergalactic Beings) in setting up a Sacred Geometric Container for anyone who would like to sit in “Limitless Possibilities” and again anchor in your Wishes Dreams and Desires for your personal, national and global future.
From 11am to 5pm join me at any time for a few minutes or sit in the space of YOUR limitless potential for as long as you desire. Meeting code: 892 8165 3617  Passcode  303879 Should you need assistance to enter the zoom room please call me 856-904-5566