Holiday Healing for the Healer

Mon Dec 19th 7-9:30p  a virtual event is open to any ‘helping’ practitioner, but you must  please register for Zoom link andother information. Email me and either myself or my fabulous assistant Ivelisse will send to you.“Welcoming, Physicians, Nurses, all Medical personnel, Therapists, Energy Healers, Health and Wellness Advisors and Coaches, Bodyworkers, Ministers and Metaphysicians. Healers and Visionaries of ALL kinds.

The first of what will be a monthly Free Event
With emphasis on ways to support, rejuvenate and enhance the members. As well as share the many unique challenges of practitioners in the Healing field, and ways to address or work with those issues.

We are set to meet once a month to start and will feature two or three experiential offerings/presentations each time.

The purpose is to not only nurture the participants, but to share one’s particular and unique work in the world! Particularly at this time as everything is becoming heightened and intensifying daily.

Honoring and working with Healers has been a passion of mine for decades. “Caring for those who care for many.”  In hopes that it will serve those ‘in Service’!

As we move through the December Season of Light, there are traditions that remind us that no matter how dark it may appear, Light is and will always be present.

Early man watched as the days grew shorter and had no way of knowing whether it would continue to become darker until life would simply cease to exist. The celebration of the Sun returning to ‘triumph ‘ over the dark has been continuous for thousands of years and can be found in almost all cultures.

In old Europe, it was known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning wheel. In Roman culture it was called Saturnalia. Eventually the Catholic Church adopted the time of year as the birthday of Christ in one of many attempts to blend pagan rituals with tenets of the church expecting the ‘old ways’ to fall away.

“By the blessings of the Winter goddess, by the blessing of The Oak King, may the rising light of the Sun be in our hearts as it is in the world. May our strength grow with it, from good to good and gain to gain, throughout the turning year. All hail the reborn Sun” (A solstice Blessing)

Many are realizing the richness of the original observances and acknowledging the Life giving power of the Sun and all that is represents as a symbol of the continuity of Earth Life. We live in such a delicate balance within our solar system with the odds of Life having occurred on our planet so astronomical that it can truly be considered miraculous!

Multitudes of groups and individuals around the world work daily to raise awareness of breaks in the cycle of life and what must be done to preserve the equilibrium between human consumption and the diminishing resources of land and animals that play vital roles in the continued existence of this miracle called Earth.
(Please consider contributing to reputable wildlife organizations like the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, World Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife and of course the National Parks. You can request reports on the percentage of your dollar spent for the stated purpose versus ‘administration’ for any charity!