“Within each individual exists a well of wisdom and love. There is a treasure, deep within, that can come to the fore only as you become aware of all those aspects that barricade this treasure.”       Pathwork lecture#107 

Transformation Level a once-a-month group program: The Applied Alchemy Crucible

Transmutation Level a deep-level of personal involvement through bimonthly meetings

Transfiguration Level a deeper/faster process of change in monthly meetings

Transmogrification Level accelerated extended meetings twice a month

Metamorphosis Level full daylong ‘Initiation Immersions’ once a month or weekly extended meetings

  • Once a month 2.5-3hr “Alchemical Communal Crucible” – A virtual group gathering incorporating the Current Collective Consciousness Themes and ‘Up to the Minute’ Energetics and Beings presenting to aid the Evolutionary Process of the Members and the Planet 
  • Participation in a private What’s App ‘Applied Alchemy’ Group chat with the community of ‘up to the minute’ Earth, Cosmic and Nature Energetics, events, issues or occurrences to respond to physical, emotional or Energetic ‘snags’ – individually or collectively
  • Day long Initiation Immersions or additional sessions offered at a discounted rate

Above the Transmutation Level all programs also include:

  • Five (5) Half hour (30”) ‘Urgency’ Calls with me (phone or Zoom) as needed
  • Healing Container Energetic sustenance, backing, upholding, and substantiation 24/7
  • Access to me by text as called for through difficult passages or urgencies

The Level is mutually agreed upon after a discounted 2.5hr Trial Session.