About Andrea

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” ~ Ben Sweetland 


Andrea Regal has been practicing and teaching the psychoenergetics of the human experience for over 40 years. Her upbringing in the worlds of complementary and allopathic medicine fueled her constant search through traditional clinical psychology and multiple modalities of energy medicine, including the Barbara Brennan School, Healing Touch program, and Pathwork, among others. This was in conjunction with decades of Metaphysics, studies in Eastern and Western religions and philosophies, and Ancient Wisdom traditions in North and South America while living there.

This ultimately led to over 20 years of Shamanic training and practice with 8 years of specializations in both Professional Earthkeeping for over 15 years and Spiritual Law for over 13 years.

“Throughout more than 43 years of teaching and counseling, my passion has always been to create a bridge of connection and communication between the individual and their inner world; between their inner world and their relational world of family, spouse/partner, friends, and their greater world of nature, the planet, and the Divine.”

Andrea combines her training with her innate psychic abilities to receive information from wide-ranging sources. Andrea is passionate about assisting others to access their Soul Purposes through the Hero’s journey of the psyche thereby opening portals to other realities for multilevel, multifaceted, multidimensional FREEDOM!