About Andrea

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” ~ Ben Sweetland 

Andrea1Andrea Regal is a Subtle Energy Therapist with over 42 yrs of counseling and teaching experience, the last 24 directly working with Subtle Energy and its psycho-spiritual underpinnings. Andrea has developed a unique perspective and method of resolving everyday life challenges, incorporating Somatic Analysis, quantum physics principles, Shamanic healing traditions, Energetic Archetypes, Spiritual Truths, and Transpersonal Energy Therapy. These modalities blended with direct guidance from multi-dimensional sources create sessions that are personally tailored to facilitate accelerated emotional and spiritual growth.

Spending much of her time as a young girl in all types of medical facilities juxtaposed with the use of what are now labeled complementary medicine techniques in her home, created the basis for her pursuit of holistic healing. After her degree in clinical psychology and many years working in the allopathic medical system, she studied under healers in Houston in the 80’s through her mother’s journey with cancer. Returning to the USA after learning the Shaman’s way while living in Latin America, she renewed her quest with Reiki in 1995, continuing on to the 2yr. Healing Touch program, followed by Energy Medicine at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This led to her work, in multidimensional energetics for human and planetary evolution with an international community of healers and therapists during the past 15yrs. Throughout her life, she has continuously expanded her knowledge and practice from ancient spiritual traditions to cutting-edge metaphysics with masters and teachers from a wide range of disciplines.

She is passionate about making previously esoteric knowledge available to everyone as tools for co-creation in this Aquarian Age. Her enthusiasm for individual empowerment and fulfillment has prompted her to share and teach about the powerful, yet gentle properties of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for 22 yrs helping others to more fully participate in their own healing and awaken natural intuitive abilities.