Pause Point for Choice

Hoping all are enjoying the up and down of temperatures we’ve had here on the East Coast!

In the ‘in between’ of the onset of cool Autumn days and nights and the warming trend again is a slowing or pause point in which we can catch our breath and anchor into what we believe, want and are willing to ‘sacrifice’ and effort for in the days ahead.

Please listen to the latest Vlog (or just jump to the 34min mark for the Energy Practice Meditation)

The current “Personal and Planetary Redesign” group met this week and in the deep and heartfelt sharing of updates of each of the participants lives, the challenges that each have been encountering were converted to the profound desires, wishes and dreams for their family or selves that each then anchored deeply into the ‘Foundational Matrix’. Working in the alchemical crucible created in these gatherings, the matrix can then absorb these potentials and redesign accordingly not only for their personal futures, but that of the planet. For the personal is always a reflection of the collective.

For example one participant’s distress for her son’s current predicament and his unwillingness to hear anything beyond how he is viewing his world was transformed into a powerful desire for individuals to be open to the thoughts, ideas and feelings of others. Another who was processing deep grief was also experiencing an astonishing peace with the strong felt sense of the deceased walking with her enabling her a level of connection to the unseen heretofore unattainable. This palpable relationship with those in non physical form was also placed into the Foundational Matrix.

Another member was having difficulty standing in her truth in the face of family who wanted to absorb her into their way of life. This was then reformed into the wish for each person’s way of being to be respected  and honored within the greater community. These and many more astounding qualities or aspects of humanity and our struggles that can evolve into a different way of being and interrelating with each other and Nature etc.

What are your wishes, desires and dreams for your future? For that of your community, nation, planet? Join me and others in the ‘Soul Election Group’ on Thurs Oct 1st; Oct. 15th and Oct 29th. at 8pm to place your ‘Soul Vote’ into the Foundational Matrix, an energetic made up of the basic building blocks upon which this reality sits, We will be meeting on Zoom with a deep Energy Practice (meditation) after the contributions of each person. In other words after the ‘votes’ are cast!
This is donation based with one third of each offering going to Indigenous tribes here in the US and Brazil. Please email me for the Zoom invite or any questions.

Recognizing the continuing challenges to finances, yet in the face of increased stress and mental health distress, I am offering the “Alchemical Alignment” Sessions $35 off (or more if your situation calls for it) through Election Day.

Some Young Living Essential Oils I would recommend at this time are Joy, Faith, Build Your Dream, Fulfill Your Destiny, Valor (definitely); Vetiver and Spruce or any of the Tree Oils! Please check out my Young Living Website page and contact me for a ‘Read’ tailored for you!