Going Forward To Go Back And Back To Go Forward

Hoping all are enjoying the cooling temps heading us into the Fall season!

So many challenges, so many HUGE happenings on so many levels each week that it seems almost too difficult to contain and still keep ourselves upright! Yet one of the beautiful gifts we can learn and apply is adaptability and fluidity within stability. The only challenge being that the experiences on the larger stage replicate those we went through as children and our Defense System adapted in the only ways it could, given the limited options available back then. Although we continue to function from and through that defense system’s fortifications, the circumstances under which they were created are not actually true now. We are not powerless, nor utterly lack control over what those who have the power do or don’t do, nor are we trapped.

Although at this very moment in time it may certainly feel that way as government officials are making choices that are in their best interest not ours, others’ handling of virus precautions is out of our control and we are trapped in this economic and health situation that doesn’t appear to have a fixed end date!

Yet this also creates incredibly powerful and effective opportunities to transform our individual original injury and ensuing adaptation to it, which compromised a fragment of our authentic inherent nature. As these natural aspects of us are incorporated back into our system with more knowledge ability and freedom to express that Essence Self, they are then anchored into our lives, our families and communities, our cultures and shifts the relationship between man and the Earth.

This going back to go forward is occurring simultaneously with incredible innovations in processes to eliminate the toxins, garbage and waste from industrial and private sources to clean and eliminate the damaging effects of decades of disregard for the waters and land upon which they have been dumped. Private and government sectors are joining together in sharing information and technologies to more equally distribute resources and developments in sustainable industries as well as changes in policy making, socially and culturally shifting consumer patterns all as foundations of the recovering economy.

These advances are returning us to the respect, recognition, acknowledgment and valuing of Earth and the other than human inhabitants of this planet. Full circle to the ways of old which the Wisdom Keepers from ancient cultures have been practicing and preserving for the time when we will live in unity and community as one planet once again.

But it cannot be done by others just as our own transformation must be done by ourselves with aid and guidance from others yes, but ultimately it is in our hands. So too is this future in your hands. What is apparent in our country and around the world is this looming choice point. Just as in our personal exploration the painful, frightening, infuriating and sorrowful aspects must be uncovered, felt and moved through so too our cultural, social and governmental past is being revealed in all its painful, infuriating, sorrowful and frightening characteristics that have ultimately brought us to this ‘crisis of change’ which we must feel and move through to transform.

In this week’s Vlog the Meditation energy Practice which begins about the 30min mark is in response to these current catalysts for transformation giving support and enabling you to descend deeper into your Innerverse to stabilize and secure you into the only Truth –YOURS!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZXKWftyCjA&t=45s

Please stay apprised of what is occurring even under the surface and behind the headlines to make choices that align with your Inner Wisdom and Vote – physically, Energetically and Spiritually this election which direction you want to go- Forward or Backwards!

Here are the websites I mentioned in this week’s Vlog:

Executive Orders selling off Public Lands etc



Rollbacks on Environmental Regulations



Sustainable Development goals



Another gathering this week on sustainability



And another coming up Sept 21-24


The ‘Soul Election Group’ is open to anyone who would like to join their desires and dreams for the future of this planet, learning how to plant them deeply into the Foundational Matrix for the New ‘Old’ Way through this evolutionary leap! Next gatherings are Sept. 30th; Oct. 14th and Oct. 28th (with an optional Nov. 1st or 2nd depending on how the group feels) at 8pm.

Suggested remuneration will be $33 with one third going directly to Indigenous Tribes here in the US and in Brazil. But given the financial hardships many are facing, please do not let the amount stop you, all are welcome.


With so many grieving loss of family members, pets and homes this week, as well as the passing of the amazing Ruth Bader Ginsberg,  the daily meditation for the West Coast (on Facebook Live) today brought in Energetics of Ease, Soothing and Grace. Listen on my You Tube Channel ‘AHealersUniverse’ when and as you need- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSlc6o3ZpBc