Day of the Dead Practice

Hoping all are enjoying the crunch of leaves underfoot and the clear Blue Moon!

PHEW! The energetics continue and powerfully fueling transformation and deep connection to loved ones, other dimensions, realities, Beings, Guides and most of all Self!

Here is this morning’s recording of the Day of the Dead Altar making, traditions and a deep energetic Practice to assist you in your communication and communion with the Energetics and Spiritual Beings that are sooo close and offering their help to you at this time.

For an even more powerful and far reaching ceremony please join me in person at the first Live event since Mar (Socially distanced with masks and outside. We will begin the fire around 5 and fully begin about 5:45-6pm. Ending at 8pm We will be tapping powerful Cosmic, Earth and Elemental Energetics with transformative practices for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies as well as your lineage. We will also be working for and on behalf of our nation and world! For those that would like to place their “Soul Vote” for the outcome of Tuesday’s election, this will be an ideal opportunity!

Please call to register as you will need to bring certain items with you. Fee is $35 (sliding scale for those experiencing a financial hardship)
We are attempting to Livestream, but not confirmed. Please send me an email if you are long distance or otherwise would like to participate in Livestream

However you choose to, I highly recommend taking advantage of these incredible Energetics coming in at this time and leading us to the moment of our species’ Choice Point to Evolve or Devolve!