Oh Happy Day!

We the people have chosen life liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Not just for some, but for everyone.


This was the choice point for Humanity to evolve and continue to exist at a higher-level of duality than that which we have been exploring and studying for thousands of years.

We have been shown our lower selves in the most blatant ways. The shadow hidden and stashed away deep within all of us. There is nothing in the other that there is not some form of within ourselves. Now we must get to work to “know thyself” more clearly and truthfully than ever before.

There is nothing wrong or a mistake in any thing that has happened. We are in perfect alignment and timing for the transformation of our species.

Now a coming together. Not just those on opposing sides, but on all sides. Each and every being on this planet has inalienable rights. Be they human, plant, animal, land sea or air.

This is an exceptional planet in an exceptional process with exceptional Souls participating in a project never heretofore done in this way in this universe.

And we have so much help so much guidance available when you’re able listen. My Day of the Dead altar has remained up as  I have felt all of those that have come before me allowing for me/us to be here.

All of those ancestors that have been enslaved escaped oppression, came to this country under the most difficult conditions and survived all of the challenges with barely the clothes on their back, Those relatives that have fought and died to uphold this countries ideals and structure  My deepest of gratitude!

No matter where anyone stands perceiving from any angle, we are all here on purpose!! Even though we may not see at the moment what that purpose is. Much like the trauma pain and suffering we go through as children, unless and until we are able to delve deeply in, so that the Soul purpose is then revealed.

We are on the path. And although we have just stepped on those very small bricks at the very center of the spiral of that yellow brick road, and although it may be fraught with challenges and scary moments, we will arrive at the Emerald City discovering that the power to grant our deepest wishes lies within!


Young Living Essential Oils to anoint yourself with!: JOY, HIGHEST POTENTIAL; BUILD YOUR DREAM; FULFILL YOUR DESTINY; TRANSFORMATION; HARMONY (and please contact me for more individualized readings for oils based on what you are experiencing at this moment in time or what you are attempting to achieve)