Soul Election Group

Hope all are enjoying these gorgeous fall days!

Exhaustion, overwhelm, hopelessness and even despair abound these days. With so many Old Souls experiencing drastic manifestations in the physical. Be it in the body, finances, their work or even with family and pets.

But the ancients, an Intergalactic Council that I’ve been working with for 20 years keep saying everything is right on target for the Evolutionary Leap that is in process.

All that is the lowest frequency of human nature aspects must be stirred up and brought to the surface for True transformation. And you are here on purpose! You are doing this with every day of effort, sweat and pain!

Shortly after I moved to Houston many years ago where football is King, and much is invested in those that seem most talented in that sport. But so many students were graduated without having received the education that they were purported to have. Then the legislature passed a “no-pass no-play” law.

Those students that had already graduated it did not affect. Those that were coming up would now be taught and given help to catch up. But it was those in the middle of their High School that were most affected and who ended up suffering the most. Either by losing the opportunity to learn or the ;promised; scholarship to potentially go on to professional football.

We are the ones in the middle! And we each chose this path to be here for our own Souls benefit, as well as have the opportunity to embed the multidimensional aspects of us into the new Earth design.

Here is last week’s Talk and Energetic Practice honoring, and transmitting the gratitude for your role in this from the Ancients.

The amount of helpers and constant guidance is  incredible right now. But we must feel into our own body-being in order to receive these very subtle cues and signs. Which is extremely difficult when as a Sensitive you are being bombarded by one thing after another after another!

The Elements came together this week to gift a deep purifying purging and rejuvenating revitalizing meditation. Listen here and be renewed:

And please join me on October 15th and 29th at 8 p.m. for the Soul election group, where multiple helpers aspects of Nature and the Ancients will assist in placing your dreams desires and wishes for the future into the Foundational Matrix and the Unified Field, head of the November 3rd Choice Point. This will be donation only with one half being donated to Indigenous Tribes who are keeping the ancient wisdom for us all.
Please contact me with an email to for the Zoom info.

Heads up for the first in person event since March the Annual 16? years of “All Saints/Souls Day” event where the Elementals and the Ancestors will join us for a Fire and Labyrinth Ceremony. Socially distanced and masked, but outside of course.
Either sun. Nov 1st or Monday Nov. 2nd at 7pm to 9pm. Weather etc will determine the final date as we get closer. We will be completing many pieces of ourselves, cultural and species wide existential and destructive aspects that are not of the next vibrational level. Please join me for this cleanse and reset!