Rainmaking for California Fires

Hoping those on the east coast are enjoying the cooler summer days and the particularly cool nights!

This week has been difficult for me to enjoy the luxury of mild weather and the pretty consistent rain that has maintained everything green here when I am watching my beloved northern California woods in flames!

Although we have an excess of anger expressing and still seething in the human psyche there is an urgency for us to transform the more primitive levels of this emotion so that it no longer manifests to the degree of violence and destruction we have exercised for millenia. Anger is represented by the element of fire in it’s damaging expression, yet when transformed becomes passion, directed purpose and internal power.

Could these fires and the many ongoing around the world outward be expressions of those inner flames? Could the imbalance of the Earth’s cycles be creating more propensity for the element of fire to purge and allow regrowth without human interference? (Of course I am referring to the natural ways fires are started like those in N. California. Not as in the Amazon or other locations man has either done so purposely or carelessly).  For Lightning seen from an indigenous perspective is the joining of Mother Earth and Father Sky to create and regenerate. Are we being catalyzed to transform, create anew and regenerate our true human nature?

Whatever the case there is great devastation of Land, Trees, Animals and Insect Beings that will have far reaching effects. In this week’s Current Energetics and Healing Practice Vlog the Element of Water was called/invited in on behalf of the people and Nature affected.

Each person listening is given the opportunity to drop deeply within to allow the Wider Self and Energy Field to guide them to shapeshift into the form or configuration of a particular body of water that their system aligns with and transmit it to California, the Amazon, Siberia or wherever they feel called. Cooperating and in relationship to the element of water yet with the full awareness that the Earth’s free will is honored and respected.

Please take an opportunity to participate in this practice or in your own form of prayer, energetic practice or ceremony as our ancestors have done for thousands of years when asking for Rain. There is an update on the Current Energetics and the ‘Helpers’ available for us at this time in the first half hour and the second half hour is the actual Practice/Transmission.
The Vlog is available on FB  https://www.facebook.com/171134726292214/videos/982164395541866/
or on the Youtube channel “AHealersUniverse”

There may be another Practice recorded over the next couple days to continue this form of “Rain Dance” so watch your inboxes please. On behalf of the Earth thank you for all that you do and all you are in this huge undertaking of Evolution!