Cosmic Consciousness

Greetings dear Ones,

Hoping all are enjoying the lushness of Nature in Summer!

While many did not experience the usual man made fireworks in the sky, the cosmos has nevertheless brought much to see and enjoy in the night sky this month! Comets, Meteor Showers, Planetary Alignments all assisting and guiding us to our Cosmic Consciousness.

The Edgeless sky includes all things like the meditative mind. Thoughts are like comets appearing and disappearing in empty space   Rev. David Ault

Check out these sources for how to view them each:

For the Comet Neowise

For the planetary alignment of 5 planets and the moon

For the Meteor Shower


This Cosmic consciousness holds all the solutions to our current challenges. A wider consciousness that includes Ancient Knowledge stored in Sacred sites and locations on this planet, the wisdom carried by Indigenous cultures around the globe for thousands of years, the scientific and technological innovations and discoveries still residing in the imagination, the magical and ‘supernatural’ retained by those still connected to the ‘old ways’, the mystical and ‘miraculous’ carried by spiritual traditions and ceremonies and the complex intricate Energetics contained in this planet’s interrelationship with our galaxy, galactic super cluster and the universe.

And the wonder is that the passageway to one or more of each of these is contained within each and every one of us as individuated consciousness’s within the One consciousness. We are eternal beings having aeons of experience in countless existences throughout this universe and other universes. As powerful and primordial Beings we each are here purposefully and pointedly at this time to participate in, benefit from and contribute to the evolutionary leap of this human species.

As long as space endures,
As long as sentient beings remain,
Until then, may I too remain
To dispel the miseries of the world.

Shantideva, eighth-century Indian mystic

By following the map of our unique individual childhood wounds or traumas we have the potential to open the portals and vortices within our ‘Innerverse’ to the knowledge, skills and places that idiosyncratically aid in the creation of a New Way or a New Earth. This pandemic is just a “preamble, the first step” according to Peruvian Shaman Kucho. For me it has revealed innumerable opportunities for deep, true change of ways of being that would take hundreds of years that now could occur in just a few.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller

But the foremost requirement is taking responsibility each for their own life and choices. Not relying or counting on others, the government, religious leaders, bosses/companies to do it. Each of us has the power and the obligation transform the young, self-oriented needs, wants and missing pieces to the mature, powerful evolved human, able to access our inner knowledge and make the honorable and loving, choices that benefit our families, our communities and the Earth. How fascinating that a virus which is so variable and elusive and touches every life requires us to do your own research, find your own sense of safety and take those steps which is best for us personally. Even if that goes against the trend or norm or others’ rules or ideas of what is ‘right’.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

– Carl Jung

Many of the opportunities and potentials have been mentioned in my weekly Friday Energetic Updates with the corresponding Energetics and Helpers stepping forth to show us, teach us, guide us and remind us of who we are and how we may presence ourselves in the world. The July 10th and 17th reveal the Comic assistance available now and has a Healing Energetic practice that begins about the 30min point if you choose to just experience the Healing.

They are all on my You tube channel ‘AHealersUniverse’ and you can listen live adding your input and possibly receiving a ‘Reading’ as well!

I leave you with this wonderful reminder of the Unity within diversity that we are moving toward with your help by just being here and Being YOU!   The 1 Field

Reminder ALL sessions are discounted to aid in your journey to becoming during this current economic challenge!

Be well All-ways,