Purposeful Presence

Hope all are enjoying the amazing night skies!

There is soooo much happening on so many levels simultaneously, that many are spinning, losing their footing or simply feeling discouraged and disheartened. Many clients, colleagues and friends are dismayed at the way in which leaders and government representatives are making decisions that cause harm to so many for their own personal gain. Moreover the feeling and awareness is that many of these statements, behaviors and choices are perpetrated knowingly and purposefully no matter the danger or cost to people emotionally financially or in relation to health!

Yet this is not a new awareness for most as it harks back to the realization as children that parents who are supposed to be making decisions and choices for our highest and best, instead are speaking and acting in ways that made us frightened and deeply hurt as well as angry. No matter how good you believe your parents were there were undoubtedly repeated instances where the child was simply not put first to create the safety and security on all levels necessary to grow up confidant and assured in who they are and how they move in the world.

To make those choices from a selfish or self serving place even knowing that it is not in the best interest of the child is sensed, felt and intuited by that child imbedding the wound in the very cells and tissues as well as the psyche and energy field. This disregard, disrespect, dismissal and devaluing of the other can result in those same attitudes being played out toward fellow citizens, groups, races and the earth itself. Whether through the ‘mask war’, or that even today Black Lives do not matter as they could, should, the bullying toward the LGBTQ community etc. and many other examples each of us could cite.

And therein lies the gift of what in this moment is being felt in such personal ways that each can go within and following the trail of how you were treated in that fashion, if only on what you deem to be a ‘slight’ way, you can then undo and redo that pattern within so that it is no longer a part of the human tapestry.

For at his point our very lives are in the balance. Not only in relation to Covid-19, but the climate, biodiversity, abuse of resources etc., etc. We are at the tipping point and yet the 100th monkey effect is very real and possible. We have called in circumstances compelling us to see and FEEL thereby forcing us to make choices that otherwise would take generations to shift. This is an Evolutionary Leap not a Step!

The very Cosmos is aiding us as well as Mother Nature, Animal Teachers, Ancient Teachings and Beings of all levels and expertise. Recently the comet Neowise brought us New Wisdom while holding the accumulative history of the solar system. Planetary alignments and new information about black Holes, and other universal bodies. The Perseid Meteors are with us right now giving each the opportunity to “Make a Wish on a Falling Star” and given there are so many you can wish personally, for your loved ones, for your community, your nation and the world!

Explore the knowledge brought by Porcupine  and Lynx this week. Peacock, Hummingbird, birds and insects presented themselves in the past few weeks to show us, teach us, guide us and remind us. Who or what Helpers have you noticed lately?

Please take a listen to the Aug 7th weekly Vlog posted on Healers Universe FB page https://www.facebook.com/Healers-Universe-LLC-171134726292214/?eid=ARCsG9GzYKB1njcTaiLS4PvE7CEF_vN4m-TFRmnAjZDN0Ih0nn7op5ofUBeNETbXwAq4oevAgPPrbSiW or ‘AHealersUniverse’ YouTube channel for more news and Current Energetics offering aid to us  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y2BEMYIaMQ&t=792s

Find what resonates and leave the rest. Or skip through to the Healing Practice that usually begins about the 30min mark that incorporates the Current Collective Consciousness Theme and the many Energetics appearing in the moment.

Reminder: All Healing Sessions 75” Alchemical Alignment and Discover the Universe Within sessions continue to be on sliding scale to offset the financial challenges of many.

Come in to transform the above mentioned aspects and more. Be one of the 99 or even the 100th monkey!!

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