Beneficial outcomes

Amidst the upheaval and repercussions of the coronavirus measures, it is difficult to not be affected by the heightened fear and anger both nationally and globally. But there are so many potential benefits coming from this ‘’crisis”, that it is easy to see how the Universe or our wise Soul selves used what Kryon refers to as a ‘Wild Card’ to speed along the current Evolutionary Leap we are all participating in and designing as we go!!

This is not an Evolutionary ‘step’, but a true LEAP insofar as the short amount of time to evolve the primitive, lower vibrational aspects of human nature (that we have explored to the full extent over thousands of years) to now move to a new exploration of a higher order of separation. One without the constant threats to our lives by violence committed individually or ‘en masse’ such as war. As well as the greed and hoarding to control natural resources, maintaining the old pyramidal structure of power dominance and oppression. Seen so clearly in the struggle over fossil fuels and avenues of transporting them through pipelines over the past few years, coming to a head the past few weeks. With a small group attempting to control them and maintain an economy based in this now inefficient, costly and harmful resource.

WE CAN CHOOSE! This Universe is a manifestation of consciousness. Each day more quantum physics evidence is showing how we can affect reality and with quantum entanglement how one ‘like’ atom can maintain connection to another ‘like’ atom no matter how far away. This of course is recognized and practiced in metaphysics a New Earth can manifest through us by placing our desires and dreams of how we want the world to be into and through both awake dreaming and night dreaming. Sleep is vital to our health and never more so than right now to fortify our bodies and minds. With the slow down we all have more time and opportunity to sleep – longer and deeper allowing for more dreaming. A significant part of many ancient cultures and indigenous ways! (Heads up for an upcoming online class on “Dreaming in the Future Now”)

Notice when you feel ‘sleepy’ or want to just close your eyes and please do so (if of course it is safe at the time). It may only be for a few moments so that your system whether spiritually or energetically can drop you into a slightly altered state to dream something into being. Or perhaps support another’s dream of clean air, water, food or….. In 2016 I created a FB page called “We the people –I have a dream”. It has been a place to post innovations in technology to clean up the environment, to green our cities, the betterment of people etc. Please go there and explore, comment and add to the page any beautiful or interesting event, action, discovery or invention that benefits our world! I will be posting as much as I can since there are so many amazing people and ideas moving us into a new world.

As you go to sleep at night is a wonderful opportunity to hold a beautiful vision or wish for the world you want to create taking it into your dreams, redesigning this evolved reality in the Dreamtime. Or simply read these beautiful words from Pope Francis lulling you into a sweet state of a kinder world:

“Tonight before falling asleep think about when we will return to the street.
When we hug again, when all the shopping together will seem like a party.
Let’s think about when the coffees will return to the bar, the small talk, the photos close to each other.
We think about when it will be all a memory but normality will seem an unexpected and beautiful gift.
We will love everything that has so far seemed futile to us. Every second will be precious.
Swims at the sea, the sun until late, sunsets, toasts, laughter.
We will go back to laughing together.
Strength and courage.”

As I write this I am struck by the stillness and quiet in my neighborhood and surrounding commercial areas! Normally on such an absolutely perfect Spring day, the noise of lawn equipment, cars, planes overhead, machinery and movement etc., is painfully apparent. One has the sense that everything is in slow motion and the hustle and bustle that is the norm even with the things we enjoy on a weekend, has for the moment created a more conscious choice of what we do, where we go and with whom. A good thing!

Normally winter is the opportune time for introspection, but with this slow down we are all being given the opportunity to go inside ourselves and listen to our inner world and recognize the Truth that is within each of us as to how we wish to be personally and globally. We each know what is good and right without outward rules and regulations when we simply FEEL into our True nature.

For so many who have felt challenged to carve out time to sit in quiet, now is a perfect time to begin a daily practice if only 10min at first. Simply sit quietly and bring your curiosity to yourself and ask “How do I feel right now? How do I feel about my choices? How do I feel about others in my family? Circle of friends? Community? Country? World? What makes me feel this way? Does it really resonate or does it feel as if it was taught or imprinted by parents, religion, race, political or national beliefs? Follow the trails of feelings, not so much thoughts. When we slow down and turn down the volume of our busyness, we are often surprised at how it allows us to feel ourselves!

The earth herself is receiving HUUUGE benefit from the decrease and/or elimination of planes, cars and factories around the world. In this photo from space the evidence of the difference is clear!

The Earth is getting a ‘breather’. It has been difficult to truly experience many of the damaging effects science has been proclaiming for years until it is made so evident to us all because it touches us all. The facts and figures that will come from such a drastic reversal in the use of fossil fuels will be too visible to ignore! Potentially creating future modifications of behaviors, choices and policies of governments and the private sector.

“This lunar cycle bring emphasis to addressing the needs of the human family without petty and immature judgments that segregate not only people within their own countries but also the entire world and all life within it, which keeps humanity in a perpetual state of conflict. It is about healing the human condition spiritually and physically, problem solving, addressing issues underlying surface symptomatology, and it inspires scientific visionary leadership, academically aware teaching, and philosophical and meditative practices.” Nick Fiorenza

We can all contribute to this discussion and have a say in this country of democracy when and as we choose to participate. Perhaps this might be an opportune time to brush up on the civics course we thought was so boring in high school to know where and how we can make the most impact! Here is a resource for the 100! questions that must be answered for the citizenship test. How many can you answer?
This ‘Breather’ for the earth is a wonderful reminder for each of us to BREATHE! When we are in hurry mode or in fear the tendency is to breathe shallow and short. An extremely effective method the Defense System uses to avoid dropping in to the areas of our body below our upper chest/collarbone where the emotions it protects us from feeling, might be experienced!

There are innumerable breathing methods and exercises you can explore and adopt. But throughout the day you can simply stop and stand with your feet hip width apart and allowing your skeletal system to be the foundation upon which the rest of your physical body sits. Breathing in slowly and gently preferably through the nose as you raise your arms overhead to a prayer position with your hands. Exhale through your mouth as you slowly and gently lower your arms. Each upward movement and inhale lasting 5 seconds and each lowering of your arms and exhale extending for 5 seconds. You may want to take a 5 second pause in between sets. It can be that simple!

Then notice how your body feels. Where in your body you notice a sensation or lack thereof. Then ever so tenderly and patiently asking and allowing for any information to come to you from your body and/or Energy Field. Or simply luxuriating in the sensations of your body and lungs and Life Force.

You may want to incorporate a creation practice within your breathing such that each time you raise your arms send care and wellbeing to a person you know or have heard about or to the millions of grocery store workers, truckers, pickers and packagers of our food and items we still have such facility in obtaining. Then when exhaling think of something you would like to see eliminated from our world such as disrespect, violence, greed etc.

If you are able to do this while standing outside even better. For our bodies and Energy Fields need the Earth and Nature Energetics more than ever! Here in NJ and other states all non essential businesses are closed, schools etc with everyone requested to stay at home. But getting outside is vital! If you have a backyard, get outside weather permitting and feel the earth beneath your feet. If you are in an apartment or condo and have a balcony spend time out on it. Take a walk in a nearby park while still maintaining the 6ft distancing from others enjoying too. Or at the least situate a chair by a window and if warm enough open it.
Watch the hourly ‘nature show’ of trees budding and blossoming. Plants and flowers bursting through the soil and opening with perceptible changes from morning to afternoon. Listen to the many different bird sounds and songs. Try to identify them and get to know which ones are in your yard or around your area. Build or place a bird feeder where you can commune with them. Birds have amazing healing properties and can bring messages and guidance to you, for you. And if you are blessed enough to have other critters near, then allow a connection that will be mutually beneficial. Their symbolism and/or information on their habits, mating, cycles, food and their predators can be clear information for you.

Woodpecker presenced himself strongly this past week in more than the usual sounds of previous years. Coming onto my deck as I sat at the computer and spent quite some time there allowing me to grab this shot:
With a quick look up on the web here is what first popped up “The woodpecker meaning encourages you to strike a balance between being kind and being cautious. It symbolizes the need to understand different rhythms, patterns, and cycles, and to do your best to adapt to them and flourish. It represents warnings and prophecies, and the need to be connected with the earth.” WOW! We are all one Earth Family and never is this more evident than right now.

While I may not be seeing you all in person during this time, I will of course be doing sessions by phone, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, as I have always done with my long distance clients. Given the financial challenges many are facing, I am offering a sliding scale fee structure right now for those in a difficult income situation and reducing regular fees to those of 2008. If you find yourself in a predicament emotionally or energetically and just need a bit of a boost, please call and we can do some stabilizing or balancing or easing energetics in what educators refer to as ‘hurdle help’ so as not to go to the edge! As an offering in service, without cost.

There will be more FB Live events which incorporate a practice and next Thurs Mar 26th (with other dates to follow), there will be a Group Healing Telecall through Free Conference Calling where the energetics will be individually tailored to what you need, but with the exponential power of a group. The call will be 90min with some updates on the current Energetics which are shifting and moving moment to moment, and sharing by participants with the majority of the time a deep Healing Practice. Cost is $40, please call for registration and call in instructions.
Additionally classes in “Energy Field Care and Maintenance” and “Dreaming in the Future” techniques and practices will be upcoming. Keep checking your email, or Facebook or Instagram for more ways to receive support and benefit from and through this extraordinary time we are living, designing and manifesting!!