The BIG Leap

Hoping all are enjoying this roller coaster ride of winter temps and our easy slide into Pre-spring!

How apropos that this is a Leap Year in the year of “Societal Reset” and the beginning of a decade of Global Transformation! Another one of countless indicators that surround us on a daily basis that we are being guided, helped, responded to through every source and resource imaginable!

We are in the throes of an evolutionary process that is so very radical and rapid that it truly can be seen as a species wide internal yet peaceful R-evolution. For were we to fight back against all that seems to reinforce the ‘old way’, of dominance, control and oppression in the form of a patriarchy with the accumulation of resources and territory determining who wins the game, we would simply be repeating and reinforcing the duality we have been exploring for eons. But we are trying something that has never been done in quite this way in the universe before! And you are a significant and vital part of this project!

Humanity has been exploring the 3rd dimensional level of duality within a physical form with all the extremes and intensity of human emotions while being in a very fragile vessel, (the body) in an environment fraught with challenges and obstacles that tax and provoke the very depths of human capability. Our dimension generally corresponds to the 3rd chakra psychospiritual issues surrounding ones sense of themselves, ones place in the world and beyond, ones empowerment and presencing oneself in and as Self. Among other issues.

However there is still so much 2nd dimensional and even 1st dimensional aspects and behaviors occurring on the planet such as premeditated killing, torture, greed, war, sexual violence etc. etc.  All of which must be evolved out of human nature if we are to move up into a higher vibrational experience of this very material existence while physicalizing our multi-existencial potential. For those working mastery levels of particular Soul explorations throughout millennia on this planet (and eons outside the parameters of this planet), the opportunity to achieve or even complete an expanse of experiential soul knowledge, or affect another reality of your wider Self while still in human form is awesome and exciting!

This is the best amusement park in the Universe, because it is ALL here and available to each one of us! The question is how difficult or painfully do we choose to be catalyzed to make the Leap? Things appear to be going from bad to worse on the surface of the national and global stage, but as humans we tolerate an inordinate amount of discomfort (we learned well how to as children when there was no other option) before we will make the choice to do something about it. Yet, we are the only ones who can do it and we have the enormous power to choose with our free will whether we will or not.

But that necessitates true self responsibility to make mature choices in our daily lives rather than hoping that someone outside of us i.e. leaders, bosses, spouses or any others that represent our parents, will ‘do the right thing’ on our behalf. One of the major Collective Consciousness themes lately wherein the child ‘sees’ not so much with their cognitive awareness, but with a physioenergetic experience that the parent ‘knows what they are doing and doing it anyway’! Which of course a child cannot live with given the fact that the behavior/attitude/way is going to occur repeatedly over years! And their very existence is dependent upon this person.

This results in a denial and shut down of one’s intuitive, Innate sense of what is right and wrong and dismissal of what is ‘felt’. Creating a distortion to justify what is being done to them, “it must be me”, “I must stop being or doing what causes that”; “if I just do it right” or “ I’ll make them feel ok/take care of them, then it won’t happen”. And countless other ways related to our self and Self so that we can survive with things that shake the very ground beneath us –our foundation. The hardwired premises of who we are and how the world works in relation to us.

Thereafter an entire defense system section is developed to negate the hurt, fear, sorrow or anger that is being experienced as this behavior occurs thousands of times. Distancing us from what we actually feel in our own bodies and emotions. As well as to protect the hope that one day the parent will do what is instinctively expected according to our pure, innocent human nature template.

This is one of the trails on the map of our childhood woundings that when transformed will allow us to feel the desire to deeply care for and about ourselves to want to make choices for our benefit in both the short and long term because it feels good and right and true to do so. More importantly to feel the wanting to deeply care for and about ourselves to make those choices on our behalf. With the subsequent Freedom this brings.

Self-responsibility becomes natural and joy filled rather than weighty and burdensome. Automatically enabling us to tune in to our ‘gut’ or Innate wisdom for all our decisions, and receive constant guidance, validation and feedback from our Wider Self and guides, teachers, masters in countless ways. Which then shifts everything and potentially everyone in our circle of influence because we are internally repatterned! The hardwiring is reimprinted bringing us back to our true authentic Self. (It would be a privilege to walk you through this process.

For those working on a Soul mastery level, the piece can be transmuted at its very root where generational or familial re-patterning occurs as well as how the pattern manifests in one’s culture, both current and historic. Additionally there is a reflection of how man relates to the Earth and the Environment in the issue which when transmuted allows for a different relationship between Man, resources and Nature. Thereby epigenetically altering DNA and in point of fact evolving human nature!

The next round in the ever deepening spiral of transmutation opens the portals and vortices within you, to other realities of you channeling in knowledge, abilities, and creation energetics that not only enable you to design your life, but to contribute to the blueprint of the ‘New Earth’. Manifesting a higher vibrational experience of duality rather than the baser level we have been exploring up to now. That also means having a multiexistencial experience while in human form! Consciously!!!!

Worth the BIG Leap?

This is why things are so hot and heavy, chaotically in turmoil! The impetus for this much transformation and transmutation must be intense as well as revelatory to the extent that the ‘harmful’ and ‘destructive’ becomes impossible to not ‘see’, ‘know’ acknowledge and admit to, enabling each of us to our own extent, to feel, move through and transform or transmute those primitive aspects of human nature. Or like our child selves we’ll turn a blind eye tolerating the pain, anger, fear and sorrow until it is too late. Feeling ourselves powerless, without control over what ‘they’ do and trapped in a broken ‘system’. (Use the Feelings Kit from Young Living or contact me for an individual Essential Oils reading.

It is all so beautifully replicated and in Perfect Order for us to explore, discover and evolve. Therefor NOTHING is wrong! Nothing is a mistake whether in our own personal childhood experience or on a planetary level. We are merely finished with investigating and experiencing one level of duality and have chosen to now traverse another degree of duality within a dualistic universe. Granted doing so in physicality rather than blowing it all up and starting again at a more evolved frequency isn’t easy! But that just proves how incredibly significant and vital and purposeful YOU ARE! You are here doing this! Evolving a species!

Please embrace, acknowledge, appreciate, admire, honor, respect, enjoy and LOVE the awe inspiring Being that you are!!

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