New Moon, New Year, New Decade, New Era!

Happy New Moon, New Year, New Decade and New Era to all!!

Wow! What an explosive start to the year and decade of ‘Everything is up for Change’! With the recent Full Wolf Moon and Eclipse on the 10th and astronomical alignments that occur only very infrequently, we were off and running! The many earth and cosmic happenings are causing a ‘picking up of the pace’ of the human evolutionary process in order to make the ‘leap’ called for within such a relatively short period of time. And you are here in this exceptional Earth project by Divine Right and choice for the Soul level opportunities that such radical turmoil can bring!

Yes, the turmoil is intense with everyone consciously and unconsciously affected by the events occurring daily. Man made or Nature made, the physical, emotional and energetic effects are very real and palpable. In some instances they are governmental and corporate decisions that limit basic rights or cause irreparable destruction to the Land, Water and Air. The sheer number and constancy of which is causing ‘outrage fatigue’. Or whether it is the powerful eruption of multiple volcanos and earthquakes or the horrific bushfires in Australia or the destruction of massive areas of the Amazon or the loss of a million sea birds due to a huge ‘heat blob’ all within a ten day period. Extinction Illness is very real!

Our Immune systems are on overload indicative of the fact that it is getting more and more difficult to shield against the onslaught of information about things that directly endanger our health and wellbeing. Inflammation is increasing in our bodies creating unusual sharp or strong pains and exacerbation of the chronic areas and issues. This inflammation is emblematic of the anger and rage borne out of the sense of having little or no control over what is being done. Recently as well multiple clients, colleagues, friends and others are experiencing a variety of kidney/bladder issues reflecting emotional toxicity stored within these organs and the augmentation of fear held by the kidneys, the seat of fear.

Yet when the camera is pulled way back for a super wide shot, the timing and precipitousness of what is occurring is on target and in perfect alignment with the Evolution of the human (and other) species involved in such an accelerated and extensive processing of certain levels of the dualism that frames this particular universe.

On this first New Moon of the Decade we are seeing a 34year cycle change in the Saturn-Pluto synod (alignment of the orbits of planets around the sun) which according to Nick Fiorenza “impel us to elevate all that Saturn represents in ways that serve to nurture and heal the human condition and illumine human consciousness, especially through education and new developments in the art-sciences. This impels us to evolve new infrastructures and environmental conditions in our lives and in the world that serve this purpose. It also impels the ending of antiquated patriarchal-driven oligarchies and plutocracies’ modality of manipulation, control, and exploitation of people and resources, while imparting an impetus for a redirection of the efforts of large conglomerates and governing entities to apply resources to serve the greater wellbeing of humanity as a whole.”  Yippee!

But this necessitates the participation of each one of us who desires to create a ‘New Earth’ an Evolved Earth where the primal, primitive aspects of human nature are developed into a less destructive purer form individually and globally. For whatever ‘out there’ angers, saddens, scares or hurts us is replicating a more personal experience of that same behavior, choice, action, or inaction on the part of the ‘they’ to whom we are ascribing it.

This is illustrated in a recent session where a client expressed strong anger toward the current administration and all the “executive orders” causing harm to the environment, animals, and people. With statements like “it makes me so angry that you: a) can treat them/us this way; b) don’t care how it is affecting me/us; c) are making choices that work for you at the cost of us/me;  d) aren’t even taking me/us into account; e) not doing what you are supposed to –protect and provide a safe environment to explore, grow and express who I am; f) not even feeling me; g) getting away with it because you have the power.”

Of course these are the same feelings/experience she had as a child in relation to her father and when followed deeply into her body and energy field with the energy of the emotion, she no longer feels a victim of something being done to her, but it was transformed into a profound embodied sense of her own authority and the liberation to do what she is called to in relation to the way she wants this world to be! Moreover she experienced, not ‘thought’ or ‘saw’ or ‘imagined’, but physically, energetically experienced being seen, heard, and felt by her guides and the Divine support, backing, help and valuing of her, her way, her abilities, her knowledge, her gifts and opening up portals and avenues to her proficiency to create in conjunction with the Nature Beings she knows so well (in this life and in others) and the ‘old magic’!

So I invite each of you to tap any anger coming up toward those on the national stage or in your own circle and try on the above statements and adding any you wish following the trail to where and when you might have first experienced that dynamic and let the emotion and energy move and flow in your body and energy field and if possible physicalizing it. Perhaps chopping wood, banging a pillow or our bed or driving somewhere to scream at the top of your lungs the above statements. While we hold it in or allow our minds to rationalize it away it still continues and still has ‘authority’ over us!

The aforementioned client’s transmutation is the potential for each one of us willing and courageous enough to follow the map of our ‘issues’ not merely to change our psychological challenges, but to materially change our bodies, psyches, energy field and DNA such that the way in which those in authority cease to hold power in the way it has been throughout history. Instead as we each mature, take responsibility and step into our own power, the old Piscean pyramidal structure crumbles into the circular form of the Aquarian age with a more cooperative and collaborative, connected, communicative way of the world. Sharing it with one another and all the other plants, animals, trees, Land and peoples on this Earth.

This level of transmutation may not be the way for everyone, but there is still so much that each of us can do daily: the ‘mundane’ choices of how and where we put our money- with companies that ravage the environment or those that make sustainable choices; make the effort and time to recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce! Physically Detox your body and Reduce inflammation in the ways that work for you. This decreases the anger and inflamed tempers ‘out there’ and within.

Listen to your body! Of course one must practice being IN the body to do this (not easy)! However doing practices of Grounding, Centering, Balancing and Aligning (taught in the upcoming courses) with the newest energetics.

USE YOUNG LIVING OILS!!  It is becoming more imperative to give your body and energy field the higher frequency support it needs at this time and the purity and potency of these Essential Oils are not just a good idea, but needed by those going through individual shifts. Besides warding off the many toxins coming at us through our food, water, air and all that is on the national and global stage.

Finding and sinking down into your personal Creation Sources designing your life and regenerating your whole system from there. (Applied Earth Magic course starting soon and 75” Alchemical Alignment sessions can reveal yours)

Gathering in groups to utilize and benefit from the exponential power of the combined ‘diversity’ of individual members in a sacred geometric whole. (See schedule page) but primarily to realize you are not alone in this in the physical or in the non physical!! Come experience what a dedicated community can accomplish!

Transformation of your individual pieces to redesign the tapestry of the world as we have known it up to now. This is the year of ‘Societal Reset’ and a decade where such alterations are made on every level so to be almost unrecognizable! You are here so very purposefully! And who you are matters so very much!!