Inner and Outer Worlds

Inner Outer worlds

As the world continues to expose the shadow side of the duality that is within us all, it becomes increasingly vital to uncover the particular energetic and psychic gifts, talents and abilities that emanate from and through the deep Essence of us. This Discovery comes as the multitude of misperceptions and mistaken beliefs about who we are and how the world works and responds to us, are transformed. Jason Silva I love you and thank you

The inward hero’s journey reveals the Soul purpose for the issue’s presence in your life, which corresponds to the particular energetic archetypes or gifts natural to you and with which you are connected from other lifetimes or existences! Bringing these aspects forth can have profound impact on everything within our personal spheres of influence.

We each have within our human energy field a multidimensional structure, called the Axis through which we can ‘dial into’ energetic archetypes, dimensions or locations of other existences within the galaxy and/or here on the earth. But the Axis must be lubricated in order to revolve. This can occur through gradually removing the ‘rust’ and the rigidity developed from ingrained patterns and their corresponding defenses. As these imprints are transformed, more space within you is created, more ease in rotating the Axis allowing for greater exploration in your inner universe.

Thus our most difficult challenges are actually portals through which we can access our Spiritual Essence, wisdom from our ‘Higher Selves’, aptitudes and knowledge from other human existences, often referred to as Akashic records, and an awareness of just how extensive our Spirit truly is!

To this end I will be facilitating a new series of classes, workshops and sessions wherein you can physically experience sacred power places on the earth, both natural and man(?) made, as well as into aspects of nature encompassing the elements, weather and the Elementals. Other destinations may be our solar system planetary family or different places within our galaxy. Additionally we will have access to other kingdoms and realms – think Tolkien, Narnia, ancient myths and legends. The earth is a many splendored project much like a Grand Central Station with access to everywhere in the Universe.

Now is truly a Magical time! We are currently able to tap into a wide variety of magical and miraculous energetics that can alter and transform deep-rooted inherited and lineage based patterns. This allows for retrieval of ancient knowledge and/or abilities and powers stored in your DNA and physical body, which holds the ends of many threads to other existences. You are so much more than you know!

The veil is getting thinner than ever which many are experiencing as ‘phasing’ in and out of this plane of reality and ‘slipping’  into other or altered states. This is often experienced as feelings of light headedness or slightly dizzy, an almost uncontrollable ‘nodding off’ in the middle of the day, difficulty focusing on left brain tasks, ‘daydreaming’ or an increase in strange dreams. Physically many are reporting odd intense pains that appear and disappear quickly, unusual rashes and skin eruptions changes in hair texture/condition among others.

While we can certainly find wide sources for these ailments in our environment, food and lifestyle, it is also possible that your body is attempting to adjust to the potential expansion and evolution of human capabilities.  For this the body needs upgrading and infusions of higher frequency energetics. It’s becoming more vital than ever to cleanse, clear and purify our bodies to house these higher frequencies. Autumn season has always been an ideal time to do this. There are many methods for this including “The Lemonade Cleanse” (The Master Cleanse; Tom Woloshyn); Standard Process Cleanse (Must be under a Doctor or Chiropractic care). Of course a powerful and delicious Raindrop Therapy can assist with not only physical cleansing, but emotional, and energetic clearing as well! ( Call for Fall discount)

To assist in acclimating and accommodating these psychic abilities and evolutionary energetics into your body and daily life, I will be offering 75’’ minute sessions entitled “Inner Universe Voyages” to transmit the interfacing energies tailored to your system and or currently presented by the universe in cooperation with your own masters and teachers. This can ease the process of expansion and upgrade your capacity to channel information from your higher selves and guidance from your ‘team’ for more choice and effortlessness.

“Cosmic Travels” will be an ongoing monthly series of events in various locations with a different each time creating a container and Sacred Geometric configuration where the potential to shapeshift safely and securely into a different reality allowing for not merely a ‘visioning’ or imagining but a very real ‘in body’ experience of our interconnectedness with all things.

This will be followed up with an all day workshop titled “Psychonavigating Interdimensional Travel” to learn how to work with your body and energy field so that you may explore your inner universe in your personal practice, anchored in to this plane to return safe and sound!

Despite the appearance that we are ‘devolving’ as a planet, there are more opportunities than ever for huge leaps in personal and species evolution!