From Endings-Beginnings

falling leavesHope all are enjoying the entrance to the Autumn season where with ease and effortlessness the leaves and branches fall off trees and plants leading into the sleep mode of winter.

We too can take advantage of the seasonal cycling to allow the ‘dead’ issues, habits, thoughts and feelings that are no longer viable to Fall away.
This may be easier said than done at this time when the more destructive human emotions, behavior patterns and ways of being seem to be coming to the foreground. Aspects that were previously disguised, held in check or vented in socially acceptable ways. As in the world of Nature some things must die to allow the new to come forth.

“As your world enters an ever-larger Chaotic Node there is a corresponding increase in hostility and antagonism. Indeed, this emotional toxicity is so pervasive it can affect even the most spiritually advanced among you”.  The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

Many light workers and spiritual seekers are feeling lost, or rudderless as so many previous anchors and reference points seem to be missing or have shifted. Others are frustrated by the constant negative onslaught as if slogging through a mountain of sludge so powerful and unflappable that it stalls or makes impossible one’s original soul purpose.

In fact the core of the earth is going through drastic changes, so those Lightworkers who are deeply attuned to earth energy are challenged to find their ground. Many of the magnetic grids are turning and angled in odd ways wreaking havoc with those healers who source through the magnetic grids of the earth.

Numerous Spiritual Seekers are frustrated by the reappearance of old patterns thought to be conquered long ago. Given that these are people of deep heart, these patterns are turning inward and showing up as self-destructive habits, thinking, and lifestyle choices with ensuing emotions of anger, guilt, shame and disgust. When in fact it is a call from the depth of us to access the nucleus of the issue to be eliminated from our very cells and transmuted into its purest form.

“A most vital task as we view it, which is to purify yourself of your own deeply held emotional and spiritual toxicity. These impressions come to you from every negative experience of your life (as well as all other lifetimes). The culminated history of your life/lives is encoded into the cellular memory of your body and mind and/or your energy field”.  The Hathors

Yet, as the shadow side personally and collectively is revealing itself, it allows for more opportunity than ever to end the lineage, cultural and species issues that cannot be a part of the evolved earth. We are in a cycle of ‘deathing’ ALL that no longer allows us to express our true self or restrains us from living ‘full out’!   ( Call for Fall discount)

But, this is not the time to be a ‘Lone Wolf’! More than ever we need to meet in groups to leverage the power and expertise of the innate aptitudes that each bring to the effort. For in the unique sacred geometric configuration of each gathering the pooled connections to diverse energetics and resources brought by each member conjoin for exponential potentialities.

So the “Sacred Sisterhood Circle” will be meeting once again monthly because women’s wisdom, gifts, creativity and courage are needed now more than ever. This month on Tues. Oct. 11th, our theme will be ‘Communication Across the Veil’ where we’ll be doing practices to open avenues of contact with other planes of existence for information, guidance and validation.(to register and for directions )

Also this month I invite you to join me for “Spheres of Influence”, that I’ll be teaching at Acu-Health Center, where you’ll create your own personal Orb, sourcing from your soul’s essence and guided by your internal compass to maintain serenity, joy and stability amidst the turmoil and turbulence of the outer world. (please click  for more info)

With this ‘deathing wave’ which brings cycle changes and endings, there is also enormous potential and possibility for each of us to complete our Soul Purpose experiences based in our lineage, our cultures and coincidentally evolve the human species! You are a vital part of this process and all that is called for is that you become more of who you truly are, giving you more joy, more ease, more creativity and ultimately multilevel, multifaceted, multidimensional FREEDOM!