Cosmic Travels to deepen Spiritual Practices

Cosmic travel 2Hope all are enjoying these last ‘lazy hazy days of Summer’!

In a recent study by University of Calif in conjunction with Harvard Medical school and Mt Sinai Medical school on the biological effects of meditation compared to vacation, it was found “that a resort vacation provides a strong and immediate impact on molecular networks associated with stress and immune pathways, in addition to short-term improvements in well-being, as measured by feelings of vitality and distress”. So to all those who were able to get away over the summer- Well done!

The results also showed “a meditation retreat, for those who already used meditation regularly, was associated with molecular networks characterized by antiviral activity”! In “novice meditators, experienced meditators, and vacationers” “most notable changes in gene activity were related to stress response and immune function”. What a great and inexpensive way to ward off illness and tension in the upcoming months!

Meditation or exploring your inner world to access and bring forth more of your Spiritual Essence, wisdom from your ‘Higher Selves’, aptitudes and knowledge from other human existences, (Akashic records), and awareness of just how extensive your Spirit truly is, helps to create a strong ‘Sphere of Influence’ around you and yours amidst the noise and turmoil of the upcoming months.

Everyone has gifts, talents and abilities gleaned from previous lives and other existences which potentially benefit both their personal evolutionary process and that which the earth is currently undergoing. In order to access these capabilities one must be able to rotate the Axis, a specific structure within the human energy field, to essentially ‘dial in’ or ‘tune in’ to the wide variety of locations available to us through our ‘body vehicle’. We truly are interconnected and made up of everything in this reality and many others!

To this end I will be facilitating a new series of classes, workshops and sessions wherein you can physically experience an aspect of multifaceted Nature, features of weather or the elements and the Elementals. Other destinations may be our solar system planetary family or different places within our galaxy. Additionally we will have access to other kingdoms and realms – think Tolkien, Narnia, ancient myths and legends. The earth is a many splendored project much like a Grand Central Station with access to everywhere in the Outer and Inner Universe.

This is modern day Shape Shifting in safe and secure practices incorporating sacred geometrics, universal energetic archetypes, quantum physics precepts, Masters and Guides that oversee specific organizing principles of the universe and the current energetics of the day, including those brought by the participants.

In a recent event one attendee literally experienced ‘being’ a tree. The person stated that she has generally had difficulty grounding, yet her energy field and guides knew what would benefit her and although unbidden, through the practice she was gifted the physical sensation of ‘being’ a tree! The encounter will likely change her ability to connect and feel her stance in her body on the earth! Like Jodie Foster in ‘Contact’, nothing and no one can take that encounter from you once it is in your cellular memory.

Join me Friday Sept. 9th at 7pm for the next launch of ‘Cosmic Travels’  this month with emphasis on the universal archetypes of Harmonics, Rhythm and Sound. This will be followed up with a full day workshop on Sept. 24th on how to utilize and maintain the ‘body vehicle’ for inner and inter dimensional travel safely and securely.

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