Seeding Your World

New modelHoping all are enjoying this peek into Spring with the warmer temps and buckets of rain to feed and nourish tender young things!

As you watch creation occurring before your very eyes, remember that you are always creating! Not merely with your thoughts, but more so by what you feel! Utilizing creation practices to design your life and the world the way you wish it to be is the Earth game now!

In order to truly access and utilize these ways of creating, we must more fully inhabit our bodies and allow more of our ‘multi-existence’ Self to come into this plane. Of course for that to occur we need to have ‘space’ in us for our energetic/spiritual body to ‘come down and in’ so to speak. The challenge then is to transform those pieces of us that are taking up room and impeding that process.

Given what we are bombarded with each and every day, the involuntary subconscious programs of defense respond to the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness to stop it and being ‘trapped’ in it; this being every child’s predicament. The tendency is to protect i.e. defend in the only ways available to us- become numb literally physically, escape energetically (spacing out, just not pay attention, disconnect) or distort what we are experiencing in such a way as to make it tolerable. Daily occurrences rip away our security with senseless acts of violence, removal of regulations that protect our air, water and food health and finances. Potentially disastrous effects on the Land, animals, and insects that maintain the environment and the circle of life.

All of which bring up once again the emotions of anger, hurt, fear and sorrow that have been locked in our bodies for years, decades. The automatic unconscious reflex is to resort to and fortify the defenses developed in childhood when they were vital to our very survival, and which work very hard to this day to keep us out of our bodies and the ensuing feelings that come when inhabiting this human form. The amazing and wonderful thing is that those same ‘issues’ lead us back in and through our human experience opening portals within us to the Energetic existences we are connected to and source from thus enabling us to live ‘multi-existencely’.

What a paradox? Perhaps the paradox of evolution?

“When you have started to awaken and see that here are other planes of reality that are equally valid to the one which presently exists, you learn how to live more or less with more and more planes simultaneously, which is what freedom is about. It’s not totally standing in one plane, it’s not standing anywhere at all.” –Ram Dass

What is occurring in the National and Global macrocosm is replicating what we all experienced to a lesser or greater degree in the microcosm of our individual and collective childhoods. Lack of safety and physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual security. Fear for our very existence. Those that are in charge not caring or doing what they’re supposed to for us and on our behalf. Lack in many forms. Not receiving the nourishment and sustenance that we need and long for. The aloneness or the sense that you are on your own or always having to do it all for yourself.

Old Souls, Lightworkers, Healers, Wayshowers and Seekers, you seem to be hit the hardest in many ways. Being challenged in your body with illnesses and physical intolerances that encumber you. Many are reporting sleeplessness, emotional and energetic depletion. Feeling confined or restricted by outer circumstances in work or relationships as never before. Pushed to the very edge of the cliff. Utterly exhausted on every level and unable to ‘fight’ on so many fronts at once. These circumstances accent more than ever the many lives that you have felt all alone, having to distance from what was occurring by living at the very edges of the town/village, or go off to an isolated spot in monastic seclusion, the sense of ‘having to do it on your own’, the loneliness. More often than not resulting in death at the hands of those in power. No wonder you are feeling the way that you do right now!

To this end I am continuing to offer discounted 75” Vortex Healing Sessions ($20 off and for those who purchase a package of 3 or 5 sessions a $35 discount) to adjust and upgrade your system to accommodate the intense evolutionary energetics streaming onto the planet daily even hourly. These sessions are Alchemical in nature blending the exact right combination of energetics for you in that particular moment. ( )

There are powerful Young Living Oils that can help you throughout the day and night. Peace and Calming of course, Stress Away Roll on, Trauma Life, Harmony, Awaken, Build Your Dream, Fulfill Your Destiny and more! Their wisdom will waft to you at the most opportune moments! Let me know if I can help!

Old Soul you’ve been in this position so many time before with the adversary having different faces, using different titles but ultimately the same old song. World takeover by the few through control of resources and domination through power over and the oppression of those without the ability to fight. You dear warrior have done it all before and often won – for a time. The pendulum of Dark and Light has swung many times throughout history on this planet and beyond. This time there is a difference.

It is all perfectly in Divine Order and in accord with Spiritual Law in order for true evolution, at a highly accelerated pace, to take place! These primal, basic, primordial necessities for existence and flourishing must be transformed individually and collectively. We cannot evolve to the next level with the atrocities to the innocent, the Land, and Nature that transpire daily

“Shapeshifting Your World”
Practical applications of Esoteric knowledge concerning Evolution, Human Nature and your Soul Purpose! Through the Divine Feminine Way of Connection, Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration we will be utilizing the power of Group Sacred Geometrics and the Diversity of abilities of the group members to redesign and restructure your personal life thus upleveling the collective Life!   Learn how to use Who You Are!        Three month class meeting once a month 7-9pm 3/21; 4/18; 5/16

Light is shining in the deepest nooks and crannies of Humanity’s Shadow bringing all to the surface to be evolved. And you dear dear Being play an integral and highly significant part in the Grand Scheme! It is your individual journey of self-discovery revealing your True Nature, leading you to express your Essence through your work and play, thereby presencing and physicalizing more of your Spiritual Self and using the knowledge, abilities and skills you have gleaned from lifetimes to create not only your hearts desires, but refashion and redesign this planet in its ‘higher’ model!!

There are many types and strains of creation Energetics. Some source from the Magical others from Cosmic creation Energetics, still others through the Dreaming Way. There are those whose creation abilities source from Ancient Creation Cultures such as the Aboriginals whose ancestors walked the Song Lines forming the land. There are those who create through one or two of the 12 spiritual Dimensions. We are each unique and very significant to the entire earth project! Join me to discover YOUR particular and unique way of creating.

“Spring into Being”
What is your form of creation energy? Are you connected to Nature Spirits? Perhaps to specific Earth energetics? Maybe to Magical Kingdoms? Possibly to Ancient cultures? Or particular celestial bodies? Learn your unique way to effortlessly design and develop the Garden of your Life! Mar. 16th 7 to 9:30pm    Call to register