When Dark and Light are One

Solar_eclipseThunderstorms have always held a special place for me as far back as I can remember. From nature’s fireworks over the San Francisco Bay to huge and chaotic storms over the Gulf of Mexico to the power and majesty of tropical storms over the Pacific viewed from our top floor apartment in Panama. But the ones coming in over the Philadelphia area lately are quite unique. Watching them move in from afar with the blackest and most foreboding clouds I’ve ever witnessed progressing rapidly with a clear demarcation of light just under the black and the city and towns momentarily clearly visible underneath. Then very quickly the day turns to night bringing torrential rains and wind swirling around such that only being completely enclosed in a safe place can you avoid most of the dangerous consequences.

This scenario seems familiar and analogous of the Dark Storm building and looming in the offing and moving over us in the world today. Many Lightworkers and Old souls are feeling this so profoundly that some are dropping into despair. Some wanting to drop out and others experiencing devastating blows physically, financially, or in relationships with family and friends. Some are falling into hopelessness based on feelings of helplessness and having no control over what is occurring and nowhere to avoid it.

Those of you who have worked in Discover the Universe Within sessions know the sensation personally when traveling back through time experiencing childhood situation in which you absolutely were without power over those who made the decisions nor had you any control to change it or make it different and utterly trapped! At that time you could do nothing except unconsciously begin to build a defense system which would allow you to continue to exist in the Intolerable. Which of course in the decades to follow continued to build and perfect itself in so many layers and levels of defense they make the Pentagon look like child’s play.

What we are experiencing now is a global reflection of what each are called to do in our individual lives. Transform. And if one can access deeply enough, transmute to the level of DNA, the lower chakra Primal human species aspects. Thus evolving them individually which evolve them out of the human species.These can no longer exist and in an evolved state of being.

As old souls and spiritual Warriors most have fought the dark for Millenia (or eons depending on how long you’ve been in this particular universe). Other existences have ended in death one way or another for standing up for your beliefs or way of being. And it’s happening AGAIN! Or so it seems.This is a particularly difficult time for old souls who are so practiced at this game of light and dark. Yet it is just that game that must cease!!

It is so difficult to let go of the way one knows for to a great extent it allows one to feel some control. But this is the GREAT SURRENDER for old souls! Those who have come to see, feel and experience their defense system in sessions know how hard it fights to not give up the way it knows and it’s sense of control. And rightly so. For those defenses made it possible for you to continue to exist (in often unbearable situations) and you are here today. However their time is past! These defenses are now the impediment to your evolution, keeping you from that which you deeply desire.  Fighting that which is uncomfortable, infuriating or feared in order to survive is hindering forward movement. Both personally and globally.

We are in a Time of great upheaval and chaos but by the same token there are unbelievably powerful energetics, ALL potentialities and anything is possible! Just as in our personal lives upheaval and chaos has often led us to transform our lives opening to aspects of ourselves which allow for FREEDOM! Freedom to be who we are, choose the life we want, changing the world around us in the process simply by Becoming.


During the recent storms and due to their severity, most have had to get into a safe dry place

Much like the response to the recent storms, making sure you are in a safe, enjoying what you are doing while acknowledging and respecting the power, might and damage the storms may cause. In other words coming to a place of ‘mutual duality’. Both must exist and each serves the other. Until one recognizes and gratefully includes and incorporates both the internal shadow and light, the old game of dualistic battling continues.

We have an exceptional opportunity to do just that with the upcoming eclipse on Aug. 21. An eclipse whose totality will be visible across the entire USA which has not occurred since 1918 and will not cross the USA again until 2045!! Join me for two events that day on the land, in the powerful Labyrinth, with aspects of earth, the cosmos and the many portals this event will open for humanity and individually for those present. (https://healersuniverse.com/schedule/ )

So yes hunker down, not in isolation or escape, but close to the earth and into all the ways of ‘earthing’. Come to know your multidimensional gifts and talents (https://healersuniverse.com/discovery-process/) and channel them through your view of what you are seeing to a desirable view.

If you are irked by a particular public figure, pull from history or literature a person or character that embodies a figure closer to your ideals. Say their name out loud or repeatedly in your heart calling forth those qualities. If you do not agree with a particular policy or decision nationally or internationally, “think vote” what you would support or choose. Tap into your own idea of the future world you want your children and grandchildren to live in and expand upon. But make sure it is jam packed with the FEELING of that vision –“Imagifeel” it into existence.

For that purpose I created a FB page to add your own vision. Please go to “We the people-I have a Dream and post your ideal future town, country, planet. Star Trek can get me there quickly! J https://www.facebook.com/WethePeopleIhaveaDream/?ref=bookmarks


There are countless instances, programs, innovative and inventive ways companies, individuals and groups are making huge shifts in the ‘unconscious’ as we speak. Here is an interesting commercial example  http://www.globetoday.com/this-controversial-beer-ad-is-going-viral-and-itll-leave-you-questioning-everything/   How many can you find?

There are numerable oils developed by Young Living for this process “Into the Future”; Dream Catcher”; “Build Your Dreams”; “Build Your Destiny”; “Live with Passion” and many more. Contact me for an Oil Reading Session where we are told the exact right ones for you at this time! https://healersuniverse.com/essential-oils/

Remember it is all about you and your journey of transformation and transmutation that changes everything around you and this Game itself. Always your choice. KNOW THYSELF! For the more you Know the more choice you have and the more access to the particular form of magic and creation you designed to bring to this ‘Game’!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrehHSIfjaQ