Declare Your Freedom

Freedom GSKFREEDOM! So many levels, so many forms, so many ways to it!

This holiday is all about a form of government designed with freedom at its center point and goal for all its people. Having that external freedom is of vital importance in order to pursue the happiness and fulfillment of each one’s potential benefiting all as a society. Yet, it is inner freedom that is the Soul’s goal in the current evolutionary cycle of our species.

As Tejat brings to the surface that which has been suppressed, we may see parts of ourselves that seem rather dark and opposing to our emergence—the fears, hesitancies, and blockages within ourselves that we must step through into our optimal expressions in life. These stars invite us to be willing to walk through the shadows of self to claim our power and place in the physical world, to express the fullness of who we are openly in the world. Nick Fiorenza

Inner freedom from the fears, angers, sorrows and pain we hold in our bodies and human ‘being’. Physically this lack of freedom throws out of balance the intricate and complex workings of body systems, leading to decreased functioning which can result in illness. (The soul’s way of sending the strongest signal and opportunity to explore the psycho spiritual piece underneath). This imbalance makes it even more difficult to plug in to the earth with all the renewing and regenerative energetics offered by this rich and resource filled planet.

Mentally this lack of freedom distorts and fogs the thinking processes much like a computer with too much of its memory taken up with unneeded or unused programs and apps. It is the defense system that utilizes sooo much energy and effort to justify, rationalize and defend, warding off that which it fears you may feel again at a time when you had no resistance. While this may feel like protection it results in of limitation to our imagination and dreaming capabilities both awake and asleep!

Emotionally we keep damped down our Life Force lest it stimulate or catalyze those feelings too big and too potent for a child to feel. This leaves us often being overwhelmed by the emotional demands of our circle of family and friends, much less those of our global family. This inhibiting of our Life Force not only limits our passions and creativity, but our ability to tap into THE Life Force allowing us to stay open and respond from our true self and with compassion rather than our own old patterning. (ask me about Young Living Oils to help )

Merriam-Webster cites one definition of Freedom as “the quality or state of being exempt or released from something onerous, freedom from care”. How many of us know what the true sensation of freedom from care feels like? We learn so early and so well the fragility and vulnerability of our situation as children, creating such deep fears and worries held inside our little bodies. And just as quickly we learn to adjust ourselves to be something we are not or suppress aspects of who we are so as to decrease the likelihood of being all alone unable to live on our own. Children innately sense when parents aren’t making choices and actions that would keep us safe and so our fears and worries in regard to them or about them get imprinted in our very cells. (Freedom discounts for July sessions for new and returning clients )

Yet what an amazing and fascinating plan to grow up and with an adults intelligence, capabilities and freedom to choose, we can follow the trail back and go through it to a very real felt sense that we are constantly accompanied, assisted, cared for and about. First and foremost by our Self and the myriad of Beings we then have access to and with whom we can cooperate moment by moment. Even science circles are getting it.

Going back and through other imprints can allow a felt body sense of our eternality with the realization that we are ultimately safe and secure. Or as Jude Law as the Young Pope stated when asked how to overcome fear – “By giving in to the complex and unfathomable architecture that God (Spirit/Divine/Universal Intelligence) has designed for you”. In this realization down to our cells we can be carefree to express our very essence outwardly in the world.

This lunar cycle impels us to communicate, connect and involve, to become shareable from a truer, open-hearted and more self-aware level of consciousness in our daily activity amongst humankind, especially in our personal, domestic and international relations. It impels us to take the practical steps at hand, those simple actions right in front of us that lead to our empowerment in life and our place in the world. Nick Fiorenza

Although it may appear and many believe our freedoms and even this government system designed to guarantee Freedom is being attacked and dismantled. Hold fast that similar to individual transformation, that which is unseen/unknown/unfelt must come to awareness, and be moved through to reclaim the higher aspect of each issue, so too are we moving through to an even greater personal, global and species FREEDOM!

Wishing you ever expanding levels of Freedom – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Energetically!

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