2014 – The year of ‘Deep Magic’ and Potential!

Greetings Dear Ones,

As with an adventure to the most popular of amusement parks, you have made your inquiries (soul experiences you would like to have), chosen a specific park (earth), traveled to get there (being born), bought your tickets, (decided to be a seeker), looked around  the park (explored many disciplines and read many books), waited in line (life experiences), entered your little car (decided to go on this ride no matter how scary it appeared because everyone seemed to be laughing when they got off), got strapped in (12/21/12 -Codes to open the next level of evolution occurred), slowly the gears turn and you feel the machinery start to move you forward  (specific energetics have been activated within the planet and within you). Now the ride really starts to take off!      (I wrote this in early Jan. long before reading the following)
“There might not be a bigger shift of energies in the entire 60 year wheel of Chinese astrology than this one coming up–the shift from two Water years of deep introspection to the fast-paced spurt of extroverted forward propulsion that the Wood Horse brings. Hold on to your hats, folks, and realize that you won’t be able to, nor will you want to, slow your horses in the New Year ahead! This will be a promethean year, the Beginning of all beginnings, arriving around January 31st to February 4th, 2014. Emerge from your cocoons, everybody, here we gooooo!” Karen Abler Carrasco.
We are just coming out of a lunar cycle wherein the ’naked truth’ becomes essential to our growth and outward creative expression “This is the Zen Archer energy drawn and ready to release in its full potential, provoking action to pierce our false beliefs and veils of illusion to hit the target of our highest ideals and to live for a greater truth. They inspire a Zen stance based from our inner core resonance, undaunted by the turmoil of a crumbling old paradigm”. (Nick Fiorenza) Yet, In order to realize our potential, we must first come to know who we are and who we are not! We arrive at this knowing by traversing the ‘naked truth’ of our strengths and limitations. These truths are reflected in the mirrors of those around us and in our world. Notice when you hear similar statements, off hand remarks, ‘jokes or teases’ about you. Then take them into meditation, contemplation or the shower and ask your Self, your energy field, your guides to reveal to you the real truth underlying what you have noted. Also be aware of suggestions you make, advice you give, observations to others or of others. More often than not, we are speaking to ourselves!

“In order to be effective, Truth must penetrate like an arrow- and that is likely to hurt”, Wei Wu Wei

Consider Young Living Oils such as Clarity, Dorado Azul (leads to the Golden door of Illumination) to assist in your seeking of the truth. Ultimately coming to dispel the lies your system took in as truth and which limit you from your potential.   “As we move toward the Full Moon and the new Mercury cycle, both impel us to become trailblazers to explore new territory and to envision new horizons, to discover new possibilities and to seek better ways to live”. (N.A.F.) Guiding us to our potential are those challenges that ‘seem’ to be impeding us, but which are in actuality leading us to the depth of our gifts and passions.

The magic of expansion of consciousness is that the more individualized we become, the more universalized is our perspective on life, which creates the internal space for more compassion, acceptance and love. First this must occur in and through our relationship with ourselves which quite ‘automagically’ allows us to have the external space to feel and extend this love, acceptance and compassion for others in our inner circles and in ever widening circles to include our community, nation, other cultures, nature, our planet. One of the Universal Archetypes currently available to help your body adjust to this expansion is Sound. Whether through singing a little in the morning to start your day or chanting ‘Guru Ram Das’  in conjunction with the chakras or finding your particular Note from your Core and by sounding that Note set your day, or the powerful Pineal Tones of Dr. Todd to open and adjust your multidimensional DNA. Sound accesses the Truth of you. For more on the science of Sound listen to this teleseminar http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=45351273 by Dr. Todd and join me on Feb. 21st  at 7pm to receive the benefits of this Activation of DNA codes. Oils such as Release , Surrender, Motivation and Goldenrod on the throat chakra to facilitate the process. On the heels of last month’s powerful Sacred Sisterhood Circle of cleansing and clearing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, we will be developing that sacred relationship with self and Self on Wed. Feb. 19th “To Love Oneself is the beginning of a Lifelong Romance”, allowing us to come into that Pure True Love which is the Truth of our Being. With my Love and that you may
Be well and Happy always and in All Ways,     Andrea