Full Wolf/Hunger Moon, Greed, Druidic Knowledge

Hoping all are enjoying the heightened cold lending to the introspection of Winter!

Our first full moon of 2021 and it is powerful! Along with the planet of Mercury catalyzing our inner exploration in it’s retrograde movement! With continued assistance from the December Cosmic Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn with the added guidance of Venus bringing the Sacred Feminine way of Connection, Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Communion. While Mars still stands firm in it’s representation of the old ways of the Masculine Piscean pyramidal structure with ‘the few’ holding the majority of resources.

Greed at it’s height, exemplified on the larger stage by political and other leaders making choices based on accumulation or maintenance of wealth at the cost of the many. And the fascinating ‘games’ in the stock market through the Game Stop rise in value from ‘individual purchasers’ causing shakeups in the established ‘conductors’ of the Market.

A strong and clear invitation for us all to search our own ‘psyches’ for the way we exhibit our personal form of greed. Perhaps for ‘things’, following the latest trends, keeping up with the Jones’. Perhaps for attention, ‘fame’ or popularity or distinction through awards, titles etc. Or perhaps in our over consumption based in a long ago unmet need and/or want. For it is in and through our individual change, transformation, of this low frequency  2nd chakra aspect that it evolves out of human nature.

Ancient cultures have always held the concept of Balance in their design with point and counterpoint illustrated in the myths, stories and symbols of each culture. It is apparent in the world of Nature which has become so out of equilibrium that unless as individuals we make the choices and changes to cease this level of Greed, we may not survive as a species.

Here is the latest episode of “Ancient Future Wisdom” with the many Helpers and Energetics available to assist you in your internal exploration and shifting of your experience(s) of Greed, Hunger, Want, Lack and the ensuing beliefs about yourself and how the world is in relation to you. The Energetic Practice begins at approx. 24min mark   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7qcsOzdIRg

Allow your self to be met by the many Helpers cited and/or others who may come to you to aid your ‘rebirth’ process Remember they can show up through symbols, songs, stories, movies, memories, nature, ANYTHING you have ever been exposed to consciously or unconsciously throughout your life!

Some Young Living Essential Oil helpers are Abundance, Gratitude, Balance, Pine, Angelica and any of the Flower Oils. Contact me for your personalized ‘read’ of which oils may be best for you. https://healersuniverse.com/essential-oils/

Please join me if you can Live on Fridays at 12pm on Zoom (email me for codes) or on Facebook for the next edition of “Ancient Future Wisdom”. Your participation and observations deepen, expand and contribute to the Energetic Container for everyone’s benefit and ‘The Ancients’ may have a personal message for you in the moment Live!