Brotherhood, Cooperation, Unity MLK day ’21

Hoping all are enjoying the wind and fast moving ever changing clouds!

The beautiful Energetics based in the higher version of us as conscious humans has been pouring in for days as we head into the ceremonial celebration of the passage of the ‘Old way’ into the ‘New Way’!

Last Saturdays recording holds the dissolution of the separation between our Inner Truth and the ‘lies’ of our defense system (as means of protection, but now impeding us).

Now followed up with those of Brotherhood and Cooperation creating Unity transmitted through the teachings of Dr. King and the potentials therein. The Energetics in this short meditation can develop more unity within and among the various parts of you and extend to those around you as well as our nation and planet.
Take the opportunity to FEEL them here while honoring Dr. Kings legacy  It’s a 30min Drop In to a powerful Energetic Practice (meditation). Enjoy!

I will be holding space tomorrow at 12pm on FBLive on Healers Universe page (technical difficulties seem to be corrected) for another 30min transmission of future energy and for each of you to place in the Foundational Matrix your wishes and dreams for how you desire the world to be!
Recording will be on You Tube to listen later.