New Year – Energy of Magic

ElevateAs we experienced the hustle and bustle of the holidays it becomes easy to forget the feelings of wonder, excitement and anticipation of the magic available and accessible to all. Easily observed in the eyes of the children whose entire little bodies vibrate with delight and pure belief in what can be. They know of ‘super natural’ Beings and means by which their wishes can come true. When asked about being naughty or nice they do not doubt that despite any mistakes or misdeeds, they will still receive that which they desire.

As adults listening and watching the occurrances in the world, it becomes difficult to believe and trust that despite appearances, there is a way to receive the ease, peace and abundance that is your birthright.

Hope… is the companion of power, and the mother of success;                                                                     for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.   Samuel Smiles

Yet, it is not the hope of old that relied upon the whims of a super natural being or fate, but the new evolved form of hope wherein we hold and state our true hearts desires then allow and expect the universe to meet us. Does that sound like wishing and it will magically appear? Well in a way it is. The ‘trick’ or work on our part is to constantly bring to awareness the experiences and distortions that caused us to shut down our natural connections to the magical and mystical. We all have them, we all came here with those connections to other existences and designed a fascinating map of how to get back to that ’knowing’ in order to utilize those ways, skills and knowledge to create a ‘New World’.

As you become disconnected from your true source of sustenance, you begin to feel alone and useless. The beautiful truth is, you are not alone and you have great significance. Madyson Taylor

Many Old Souls/Seekers/Wayshowers are connected to the Magical Kingdoms, others to worlds where science and magic are one and the same. Still others come from places in the cosmos where the manipulation of energy to matter is part of everyday life. Or from worlds where the deep collaboration with Nature Beings and the Elementals alters the environment. While each of us in this human form have the same structures and biochemical constituents etc. of the earth, there are people who actually hold the earth or aspects of the earth in their energetic system such that their body literally feels the shift of tectonic plates or other earth fluctuations who could cooperate with her in mutual beneficial transformation. This is the Metamorphosis we are moving through now!

“a ‘psychoenergetic’ experience, lived on the deepest level of awareness, brings about a radical change in one’s perspective of reality, a potential re-defining of one’s identity and of one’s worldviews and, as a result, provides new ways of relating and contributing to the world, and the lives of those around us” M. Mervosh

Tapping The Magic Within

Beyond the miraculous is the Mystical and Magical. Come explore and learn to use your particular and unique internal knowledge and abilities to create the life you are dreaming! There will also be transmissions of Magical Transformation Energetics for multilevel healing. Friday Jan. 12th 7pm – see schedule for more information

Now as we head into a New Year, there is encouragement to review ones year and set ‘goals and intentions’, but this too can tend to be an old energy way! Setting goals and intentions primarily utilizes and engages the mind and will, which can be deceptive and limiting. Instead I would invite you to find a place/space where you can ‘ask and allow’ yourself to drop ‘down and in’ to your Innate for Divine Wisdom from within and ‘listen’ with your body and energy field for the information to come to you in symbolic ways (symbol, shape, sensation in your body, song, song title, scene from a movie, a memory, book, story, legend, cartoon etc.) for this is the language of your Inner Being where ALL you need to know resides. The answers are ALL within YOU! Your Innate will never steer you wrong or tell an untruth or misdirect you! EVER!!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”    Howard Thurman

Many of you know I have been working with multiple Energetic forms of Magic for several years and have recently completed an additional certification in another form of Magical Transformation. To support you on your Discovery of these Multiexistence aspects of you, I am offering a New Year’s gift of $30 off 75min Magical Transformation sessions throughout the month of Jan. and for those who purchase a package of 3 or 5 sessions a never before $55 discount, bringing sessions to $75 which you can schedule beyond January.

Magic world

For those who wish to do an authentic Spiritual Review, here is a link to an exceptionally beautiful and profound multistep examination that is not merely analysis, but a springboard for designing your 2018 and beyond by an amazing and clear Being named Rev. Dr. David Ault.

With much Love and Knowing that this year will bring you your TRUE Hearts Desires!