Extinction to Evolution

Breaking patternsAs historic storms wipe out Caribbean Islands and cause in some cases irreparable damage to states in the southeast and fires blaze in the west destroying 100’s of thousands of acres of our forests, earthquakes in many places over the globe, it does seem to reflect a remark by Neil deGrasse Tyson on a National news channel when asked what does all this mean, “The Earth is pissed.” To which the commentators agreed, much to my surprise! Combined with the threats of Nuclear response it all seems a surreal nightmare to many.

Old souls, Earthkeepers and other Energetic Sensitives are feeling this chaos and turmoil deeply in their bodies with unusual symptoms, flare ups of old illnesses, intense and short lived viruses or resistant infections, pain, weight gain with varied and wide sleep challenges. For in general these are people who are attuned to the Earth and are resonating with the profound changes She is going through as part of Her evolution. Were we not on the planet this would simply be a cycle of cleansing and renewal within a series of growth patterns similar to what the planet has gone through over its millions of years of existence. Remember we are in the Sixth stage of extinction and as with each previous stage, many plants and animals have gone extinct, in preparation for the next stage of growth.

We too are in the process of eliminating parts and aspects of our species. I mentioned in the last blog that the magnificent eclipse signaled many things including the old Piscean masculine ways of dominance, oppression and outer control by a few being eclipsed by the Aquarian feminine way of Caring, Connection, Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Communion among all. This has certainly been apparent both with the wonderful experience of a once in a lifetime cosmic event where millions of people stood in awe of its splendor. Not knowing or caring the politics, race, religion or financial status of the person next to them, but simply human relating to human within the grand scheme.

Throughout the ravages of Harvey, Irma and Maria again the outpouring of true human nature helping, saving, giving to others all bonded first by our common species, again without race, religion or financial status causing separation. While many sceptics respond that all will go back to the previous levels of discord, my sense is that many will be touched in such a way that the sense of commonality and community cannot fade so easily. For that is our true nature, that is the way of all the species on the planet as multiple disciplines of science are now concluding.

We are in an accelerated evolutionary time where dramatic shifts can and will become the norm, for we have chosen to do it differently this time. Due in great part to the level to which the galaxy and beyond are also in an evolutionary cycle which impels more force of change through the individual bodies such as our planet. Think of it this way if you as an adult and parent and perhaps grandparent were to radically transform yourself, the way you act and speak, interact with family and friends, treat the earth and world around you in an enlightened, mindful loving inclusive way, how then would all those within your circle be affected and have a tendency to change as well.

The earth being a microcosm of the universe, is going through a transformation heretofore unheard of due to the myriad of connections to not only every part of the Universe, but to other worlds and realms as well. So YOU being a microcosm of the earth with all of its structures, (grids, atlas, axis, etc.), chemicals and atomic makeup are a key component in this evolutionary upgrade! And your individual psychospiritual issues/challenges are your own unique piece to the grand puzzle. So the Hero’s Journey is to go down and in to your own personal chaos and turmoil to transform that piece into the exact right fit for your own Soul’s evolutionary experience and within the new puzzle we are all creating.

Downside – your body is the earth of you and therefor may also be experiencing great physical upheaval and chaos, making it more difficult than ever to be in and with your body. Just as it is increasingly difficult to be aware of and feel the pain and apparent ‘attacks’ from other humans and Nature at this time. Yet it is these widespread crises which create opportunities for a different choice. Just as in our individual lives, a crisis compels change and opens the possibility of nothing being the same ever again. (https://healersuniverse.com/sessions/ )

Many things are bringing to the surface the corresponding psycho-emotional aspects of the 1st and 2nd chakras, giving us as individuals and as a species, the opportunity to transform the existential fear, aloneness, greed, hunger, hate, and an extreme anger borne out of powerlessness and having no control over those in charge. Giving us the chance to ‘make extinct’ the corresponding ways of being and treating ourselves and others. This then affects our family, our lineage, our culture, man’s relationship to the earth and our very species.

For each one of us are a single thread within the vast tapestry, a vital and integral part of the whole.

What can one person do in the face of the chaos and turmoil in the world? JUST DO YOU!

To this end I am offering a series of four “Discover the Universe Within” sessions, when three are paid for, the fourth is half off, ($85 value) to new or returning clients.


For those who are seeking a means of connecting in to your multidimensional existences to bring through that knowledge, those talents, gifts and tools to apply in your everyday as well as make a difference to the whole, the 75 min “Reconnect with Your Selves” sessions are discounted to $125.
We cannot do this evolutionary process except as a community, so beginning Fri. the 13thof Oct. at 7pm and the 2nd Fri. of the month thereafter, ‘Navigating Your Inner Universe” group gatherings where I’ll be guiding and training in the art and science of Psychonavigation and Shapeshifting to access the connections and alliances you have to energetics beyond this 3rd dimension. And to work as a group for the highest and best for ‘The Whole’. Please allow yourself the opportunity and pleasure of exploring and sensating the ‘more’ of you!