Color Me Everything!

Greetings dear Ones,

Hoping all are basking in the delicious Fall changes and colors of the natural world!


REMINDER: 13TH Annual “SAINTS, SOULS and SELVES” this Fri Nov. 1st at 7pm when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest, allowing for liberation of ‘dead’ aspects of self. Then you can receive an influx of evolutionary Soul frequencies directly from YOUR ancestors, Guides and/or new ‘Helpers’ that will benefit your Life, your family and the world!


Interestingly color has been presenting itself recently as an energetic that enters into the Alchemy of sessions. Although color falls into the Universal Energetic of Light (other universal energetics are Movement. Energy, Sound, etc), it seems to be showing up on a spiritual basis. As such representing the wide range and diversity within the visible spectrum, but also comprising the non visible spectrum of infrared, radio, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray. All of which we are perceiving/sensing beyond what the eyes can see and responding to unconsciously, physically and energetically. With both beneficial and detrimental effects. Ultraviolet can harm the skin while certain red light can actually reduce wrinkles and other undesired skin blemishes. We are all well aware that x-rays allow us to see into the body, but that if it weren’t for the ozone layer that surrounds the earth we would die from the radiation emitted by the sun.

However we must include ALL colors visible and non visible in order to have and maintain the world, this reality, as it is. Without one or other of the various colors, this universe would cease to exist. It is all intricately interconnected and delicately balanced with the exact correspondent or it’s opposite to create and maintain that balance. As it is with the natural world around us. Equally so with our own Inner World. We must have, experience and embody the full spectrum of human feelings to practice a level of equipoise within.

That means not holding the ‘negative’ at bay and only allowing the ‘positive’ feelings to be our experience. For that would be to limit ourselves. Similar to only permitting some colors of the spectrum and attempting to shut down or control others. Living in a narrow bandwidth of our wide emotional spectrum. Of course no accident that while flipping channels I landed on the movie Pleasantville which I had not seen for many years. While I only caught the last quarter of the story, it’s statement of how black and white things can become when we confine ourselves to what is acceptable by a given leadership or organization or our own idea of who we should/shouldn’t be, was visually effective in the use of filming in black and white compared to those who had ‘awoken’ to their feelings, represented in full color.

It is not easy to allow ourselves to truly feel what we feel, particularly when we have a strong and effective ‘Defense System’ that becomes ever more sophisticated and flexible and adaptive in its attempt to protect us from feeling what we could not tolerate or handle as children. The problem is the Defense System does not know that we are no longer a child and have set out as our Soul’s purpose to explore ALL the colors of the spectrum of that feeling! So then the painful, scary, sorrowful, or anger ‘colors’ of the spectrum experienced when we had no power, no control over the situation and trapped in it for years, actually allows for the most profound experience possible of those darker shades of the color continuum!

The human childhood wounding being the map we left ourselves to access and transform those feelings. Allowing us to then reclaim the piece of our unadulterated human nature trapped in that experience when it had to be quashed along with the painful, sad, scary or angry feelings. Through this transformation living from our authentic or true self. But now with the power, strength and ability to express that Essence through our daily affairs in a conscious way! This is Enlightenment! Bringing that which was in shadow to awareness and transformation. Individually and collectively!

That does not make the Shadow ‘bad’ or less Divine. It is merely a different shade or segment of that which is part of the human experience or exploration. Not simply for contrast or to be moved away from in order to stay in the ‘light’, but to investigate and study. If in fact we are as most spiritual traditions believe, eternal beings why wouldn’t we want to seek, go into, feel and have knowledge of both ends of the continuum.

Black and white are figuratively and literally key to our existence. We live in a dualistic universe comprised of all shades of the polarity gamut. Right now on Earth that scale ranges from an Accelerated Evolutionary Leap of the Human Species to the Sixth Mass Extinction (according to science). Concurrently occurring!

Because as one transforms, one becomes more sensitive, it makes this an extremely difficult time to be vulnerable to feeling. Or a sensitive. Yet this is what Old Souls have chosen to participate in as a way to hold both ends of the feeling spectrum within. Experiencing something beyond duality, beyond non duality. Instead – mutual duality -the Divine perfection of both that which appears negative or ‘dark’ and that which is of ‘the Light’. Until we cease to distance ourselves from the dark, uncomfortable unpleasant or difficult to hear and admit, we will perpetuate the separation we desire to evolve.

There cannot be life without death, construction without destruction, evolution without primeval and all the variations therein. The pendulum has swung back and forth with one or other as the primary force both on this planet and in this galaxy for millennia and eons respectively. Now both as well as the universe is evolving where there is a lesser degree of polarization between the two extremes. And Earth is the microcosm of that macrocosm. With each one of us, including the trees, rocks, animals, birds, insects, fish, plants, elements, minerals, clouds rivers on this planet representing and holding the essence of multiple places, worlds, realms and kingdoms within this universe.

The more profoundly one explores the human feelings in all their variety from one end of the spectrum to the other, from the most primal to the most sophisticated, the more access one has to the portals and passageways into the non visible or beyond this particular dimensional reality. Being able to then move in and out at will and bring through some of the abilities and knowledge that can re-create this planet to benefit and flourish at a wholly new level of human existence and exploration!

Because this really does ‘take a village’, it is incredibly important to have the potency of a group to cooperate and collaborate energetically for the benefit of each participant and that of places on the Earth. It is in the diversity of the participant’s energetic connections that combine to allow for powerful shifts fairly quickly. To keep up with the accelerated evolutionary energetics pouring in from the universe. Like white in relation to the color spectrum, it is in the combination or blending of all colors that the ‘lightest’ exists.

Over the next couple months I will continue to facilitate several courses where the groups will be upgrading and refining their ability to channel and transmit those energetics which are part of their Soul and destined to be here at this time!

Most importantly for those in the Helper/Healing field (which includes all types, medical and mental and energetic), the Healing for the Healer course is starting on Nov. 7th meeting once a month over 4 months with practices and a deep transmission of supportive, fortifying and renovating energetics each class.

A new “Practical Magic” course will be starting as the other is progressing. “Earth Stewards” which is geared for those who not only want to work in conjunction with the Earth, but who feel or know themselves to be part of or channel/connected to aspects of Nature or the Earth or the Inner Earth worlds.  And “You Are More Than You Know” This course is the basics of the Human Energy Field and healing techniques for the everyday.

Given that things are heading to be more disruptive and unbalancing, I have been called to do group healings by phone through the service ‘Free Conference Calling’. Calls will be 90 min with updates on the Current Energetics, or clarifications of what members are experiencing, a deep transmission combining multiple energetics and attuned specifically to those present or registered for the call. Recordings will be available to listen to if you cannot attend the live call (although I encourage you to do so) and whenever you wish thereafter to receive a healing each time. The first is scheduled for Nov 14th at 7pm $45 (Contact)

For those who need something more immediate or just want to receive some Energetics to get through the week or day, I will be offering a Facebook Fridays Live half hour at 12pm. Responding to questions about what’s going on or what you are experiencing and a short 15min Healing Booster. There is no cost for this however you will need to sign on to the FB Group “Universal Healing” (And please ‘Like’ Healers Universe FB page for updates and notices of other events).

I encourage everyone to wear, eat and feel into all the colors you can. Buy a box of crayons, markers or colored pencils and allow a feeling, whether pleasurable or uncomfortable to surface then let your hands move the colors across the paper without thinking of what you are drawing. Instead allowing your inner world to reveal what that feeling ‘looks like’. Then when the feeling has gotten itself out on paper, walk away and don’t look at it for several hours or days to then go back and receive the information it has for you. Better still if it is a very tender feeling use finger paints. Again allowing your body to express the emotion through your hands until you ’feel it out’. Returning to get the information after hours or days. Color use is a powerful avenue of expressing that which does not have words or formed yet in the consciousness!

ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW your feelings in all their variations from the vivid to the dull or murky. All colors make up the rainbow of Life!

Everyone is grounded in principle. There are not some who are and some who are not. Everyone is the seed of principle embedded in the soil of the everlasting journey. In this journey we thrive and we wither, we blossom and fade in the cycle of the inexplicable thing called Life. In this journey we may take our turn to the light or may recoil back into darkness. Both actions serve and are to be welcomed curiously, honestly, compassionately. In this fluid state of allowing all is revealed and we gain understanding of our infallible nature. May all beings cherish their divinity. ~ David Ault