Lunar Eclipse

Blood_Wolf_Moon_Eclipse[1]Such an exciting time! Such a catalytic year ahead! We are thick in the evolutionary process of humanity as well as the galaxy and the Universe! For all three are intricately intertwined and interrelated in this great venture. And YOU are an integral part of this whole enterprise. You play a significant role and can have far reaching influence and effect. Simply by exploring thyself, knowing thyself and Being YOU!

The Lunar Eclipse of Jan 20-21st 2019 has astrological significance in the progression of the human Soul from a Sidereal Astrology perspective. Sidereal astrology being that of the Ancient civilizations Egypt, Greece etc., long before the 6th century Pope ordered the leading scientist of the time to gradually shift the focus from a galactic perspective to one where the earth is the center of the universe. Although incorrect astronomically it is true to the extent that Earth is the microcosm of the universe in this evolutionary leap. Therefore your being here at this time is powerful and meaningful!

The more you avail yourself of the opportunities to explore your Inner Universe the more the Outer Universe advances. “Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience. They offer a time to resynchronize ourselves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evolutionary progression in consciousness. Eclipses tend to bring about endings and new beginnings.”

Superstitions and beliefs surrounding Eclipses come though the centuries and most of them seem to stem from the fact that the dark night and shadow on the Moon brings an ominous feeling. Yet, it can be an opportunity of going within and allowing yourself to delve into the dark, shadow places of your own heart, mind, and soul to then bring enlightenment to those aspects. I invite you to allow the cosmic forces to assist you to see, hear and feel those aspects that are calling to be transformed at this time. Aspects on a physical level, mental level, emotional and spiritual level. Write them down. Do ceremony or practices to offer them up to your Wider Self, your Guides, Teachers and Masters for assistance to transform them. (New Year session discounts continue on all three types of sessions to assist in your transformation: 50” ‘Mystical Revelation & Reconnection’ Session; 75” ‘Psychoalchemy’ Session; and ‘Discover the Universe Within’ Sessions. Contact

We are not separate from the cosmos nor the Earth and Nature. We are designed to be in a synchronous, symbiotic interrelationship with All! As Guru Rattana reminds us “The whole universe is listening. Actually with our thoughts and emotions, we are transmitting and communicating with our vibration. Don’t buy into the idea that God and the planets are far away and not paying attention. In the reality of oneness all the universal energies and their Source are what we are made up of. How we interact with universal energies determines how they impact our lives. The good and the bad news is that there is no place to hide. The question is how far away are you, from your own truth?”

After you have completed practices to bring out of shadow aspects you desire to transform, set in that which you desire to feel 6-12 months from now on the four levels of you (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in some physical way. Using Young Living oils such as Magnify your Purpose, Inspiration, Build your Dream, Fulfill your Destiny, Harmony, Joy or Transformation ceremoniously place them on your body as an anointing. Essential oils. Or write words/ideas that you wish to incorporate in your life on a pitcher or bottle of water, charging the water then either drinking or bathing in it. Make a collage of pictures and drawings of how you want to feel 6-12mos from now.

This Lunar Eclipse is going to be visible in its entirety from the entire North and South American continent, Europe and West Africa and at its perigee will reveal what is termed a Blood Moon, for it will have a red tint. A powerful ‘statement’ of the earth’s shadow and all the bloodshed over the 1000’s of years of the Piscean form of duality exploration. An exploration wherein the masculine dominated, held power over and oppressed in order to control the resources for the few. The breathtaking awe is that in that moment both the Moon and the Stars will be visible which is exceptional. Symbolizing that the feminine way of Connection, Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Communion will shine forth. The Stars representing the ‘Individual’ shining as each take self responsibility and speak their truth and participate in this ‘game’ with human and soul level maturity. And as each of us come to know and love all parts of us, incorporating the Shadow with the Enlightened aspects, the amount of separation decreases internally and externally allowing for Diversity within Unity!