Spiraling In to Evolution

Hoping all are enjoying the particularly brisk Fall on the East coast, with the magnificent tree colors and milder temps elsewhere!

More than ever before the Current Energetics whirling and swirling can feel like a maelstrom with the vessel of you being tossed hither and yon with seemingly the only way to stay afloat by shutting out the storm and just bale out enough water to not sink! The fear factor is at its highest with many feeling powerless and helpless to turn the tide.

Both faithful seekers who feel hopeful and inspired and disillusioned seekers who feel hopeless and disoriented will find wise counsel here and will retrace the narrow path through the darkness toward the light. Connie Zweig

But at the center of every storm is a space of quiet and calm. For many Old Souls who have pulled the camera far back enough to see the wider galactic and/or universal view, it is in exact order and in line with the immense evolutionary leap Earth is attempting. ALL the lowest vibrational aspects of Human Nature must be revealed and catalyzed for them to be transformed. For how can we create a ‘new world’ consciously when such strong primal urges, demands and fears of the ‘old world’ remain unconscious and dictate our behavior and choices?

“I do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; I seek the things they sought.” —Basho

While cognitive awareness and behavioral modification whether by way of the current allopathic methods or those within the framework of ‘new age’ or spiritual awareness are highly valuable, for those working on Mastery of certain Soul purposes they will not reach deeply enough. For them this Evolutionary leap calls for the transmutation of ancestral, cultural (both current and that of their heritage), and even spiritual lineage levels of an ‘issue’. The more deeply a personal aspect is transmuted the farther reaching the effects.

“We are called to be architects of the future not its victims” Buckminster Fuller

 But it is not primarily for the Earth ‘project’ that individual Souls are doing this. For through this transmutation process, portals are opened through the extremely complex Human Energy Field, enabling other existences within the individual soul’s trajectory to be accessible. Providing the opportunity to expand the Soul’s experience, resolve a piece in that existence as well as this, or even complete another existence’s experience entirely.  Moreover this allows the individual to actually and truly live multi-dimensionally in the here and now. Making accessible those ‘other worldly’ abilities and ways of creating, connecting and transmitting, unique to each person, to be utilized here in the shaping of ‘the new way’ of being as humans. For science as well as spirituality is demonstrating that WE create Reality!

As this TED talk from Neuroscientist Anil Seth explains, “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality” http://bit.ly/2LiHAXo

Yet, the past few months have also produced great distress to some on the path as they have been facing old patterns thought to be resolved, causing what seems like a ‘reverting back’ to feeling states or ways of behaving. Such is the result of certain “Opposite Energetics” currently flowing through our planet and Old Souls of course will feel it most intensely. For in this dualistic universe, there is always an equal and opposite aspect of everything! All of which have the right to exist and through which we have the freedom to expand our soul’s experiences. Why we each chose to explore a universe with this ‘flavor’ and level of separation!

Unfortunately this ‘reversion’ can produce great shame, guilt and self judgement for apparently ‘going backwards’. When in fact this can be a huge opportunity to tap deeper reservoirs of emotion, which fuel the transmutation process. Which then opens an even more profound leveling through the spiral of soul expansion. Resulting in coming to love, respect and acknowledge your self and your Self even more. You likewise have much more facility to create your life as you wish it to be, since you are creating from the Dimension, World or Realm you have accessed through that process.

But always allow yourself to feel and grieve the pain of loss, allow your heart to be torn open, it’s a necessary and important ingredient in the alchemy… But keep moving through it so that you can claim the beautiful distillation of heart and soul that is waiting for you at the other side. This is how your power finds you. Caroline de Lisser

Creating is almost immediate at this point, so as you transform the unconscious aspects, they have less power to generate negative or uncomfortable situations in your life as opportunities or catalysts to search for Self. The negative within works as a lightning rod to larger Negative Forces, despite attempts to control and limit ones thoughts to only the ‘positive’, or to exclusively participate in ‘Light’ events or practices. Without the inner exploration of the ‘darker’ lower self aspects which correspond to those of the human species as a whole, the same issues keep circling around on the same level. More importantly in attempting to shut out the ‘dark’ within we are actually rejecting parts of us, perpetuating the very separation we are attempting to evolve!

“Until we have met the monster, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there we must do our work.” Marianne Williamson

Some Old Souls are experiencing the angst of being on a knife edge where they feel the jury is still out and it could go either way potentially ending the human story. Unfortunately this is being experienced in their body and showing up as disease or key physical systems being affected. Most notably the Neurological and Endocrine systems, where even the slightest imbalances can manifest with great affect. Yet these somatic catalysts are reflecting the profound levels of evolution that must needs take place. Oftentimes the body will reflect the demand of a psycho-emotional aspect indicating the acuteness or depth which is being called for by the Soul. Mastery level transmutation evolves the human genetic and/or sub atomic levels of the human body. The physical body is obliged to upgrade to accommodate the psycho-spiritual alterations we make. Thus the human genome pool is modified and the species evolves.  (https://healersuniverse.com/discovery-process/ )

Heal Us, Ancestors, world

We are all working our Soul plan at exactly the right level for each of us. None is superior or lesser simply due to the depth of the process. For viewing it in that light only perpetuates another form of duality. There are many tasks and many roles Souls have chosen for this never before evolutionary process. It cannot take place all at once so some souls have chosen to hold the place of the Old way with hatreds, prejudices, greed, fear mongering etc., etc., from the past while others hold the present moment by taking a stand, dialoguing, changing the way they view others and of course the transformation mentioned above. Still others hold the future with innovations that can resolve many of the problems we currently face and the development of systems and societal progress being developed or implemented even now! Or dreaming consciously or unconsciously, having a deep felt knowing that the end of the story is an evolved earth!    (A great source for news on these future initiatives is the World Economic Forum https://www.weforum.org/

There is freedom in surrender. When we release our grip on the positions we’ve held, the ideas that no longer serve us, the opportunity for something new becomes possible. There is a higher calling awaiting us wherever we are on life’s journey.       Rev. Dave Schpok

We do have cosmic Soul support this lunar cycle from the stars Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschmali of Libra — the scales of justice. “Zubenelgenubi exemplifies the manifestation of the results of our past experience and patterns of growth. Zubeneschamali exemplifies our future path of experience and growth, that which we have yet to do, our capacity, or duty in a sense, to do it differently—to grow and change. Zubenelgenubi imparts a responsibility to address or complete any entrapping situations—unfinished business, or simply entrapping patterns and scenarios in this life.  Zubeneschmali imparts a responsibility to step forward from our past patterns of growth and life scenarios into a new way of being, upon a new path of experience, by choosing a new way of participating—in essence to complete one’s destiny or incarnational purpose of soul growth. It is through this balance of experience that we free ourselves from our past, or better to say, that fulfills our past.” Nick Anthony Fiorenza

“You are part of this conduit of information of the vacuum that goes from infinitely big to infinitely small through you and as it passes through you it picks up your specific interpretation of the universe and feeds it to the infinity of all things so that your participation is counted… do you start to get a sense of your responsibility?” – Nassim Haramein


The physical and emotional anguish many are facing necessitate choice and action. Just as the ‘chaos’ and upheaval occurring in our society is requiring each of us to search our inner beliefs, feelings and thoughts to make choices and take action. Whether in our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our work places, or our governments. But primarily inwardly. The opportunity to transform our personal past to no longer react from the perspective and position of the child. The opportunity to transform our ancestral past to cease passing on the patterns to future generations. The opportunity to transform cultural pasts held in historic enmities between tribes, countries, or religions embedded in our genes, ending wars and strife. The opportunity to transform the masculine oriented Piscean Age of the few dominating and oppressing the majority, implanted in the primordial portions of our brain and psyche, to an interrelated, diversified and unified species. The opportunity to transform the strictly 3rd dimensional human experience, to that of a multidimensional Divinely human experience.

I am resilient
I trust the movement
I negate the chaos
Uplift the negative
I’ll show up at the table, again and again and again
I’ll close my mouth and learn to listen

Lyrics from “Rising Appalachia”

To aid you at whatever level you may be, I am offering packages of 75min “Alchemical Transformation Sessions” wherein the Current Energetics presenting themselves specifically for you combined with those of the Earth, Nature and/or Cosmos coming forth at that moment for you, creating an alchemy that can propel you, strengthen you, carry you, bolster you, ease you, lighten you, nurture you, depending on what your system is calling forth! Three sessions purchased by the end of the year for $333. That’s $75 savings! Sessions can be used at a future date and/or gifted to a loved one as ‘a mini vacation’, for the Holidays.

Now is not the time to ‘go it alone’ or push willfully through, or cower in isolation. YOU and your piece are vital to the whole. Yet when combined with that of others it is multiplied exponentially! Please consider and choose to bring your gifts and discover more of who you are and what you bring to this project Earth, to one of the upcoming gatherings and courses:

“A Healers Universe” specifically designed for Energy Healers, Massage Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Medical Practitioners to learn how to work with your Energy Field and that of your clients to prevent physical, mental and emotional drain; to more effectively ‘read’, meet and treat energetic patterns; meditations, exercises and transmissions to expand and strengthen the ‘container’ of you allowing more of You to be ‘channeled’ through you personally and professionally. ‘

“Earth Stewards” for anyone who is called to cooperate and collaborate with the Earth for mutual benefit. You’ll learn how to connect and communicate with the Earth finding out what she needs, the aspects of Nature involved or coming forth, what Energetic you are channeling at this moment or strengthen/widen your particular Energetic expertise; how to collaborate with other Stewards creating a synergy of the physical and the nonphysical for mutual benefit of those present and the Earth project; how to improve and amplify your intuitive skills/abilities.

“Wise Women Web” Focused for women who wish to reawaken and remember the Ancient Ways of working with Nature, Earth Cycles, Earth Magic and the tools and systems of healing characterized by and through the Feminine aspects and Energetics. Learning about Crystals, Herbs, Magnetisms, Amulets and more

All of the above will be meeting once a month on a mutually agreed upon day and time so please email me indicating which course or courses you have interest in and which day of the week you would prefer and the group vote will determine the final decision. ( https://healersuniverse.com/schedule/ )

Also upcoming: One day workshops in ‘Practical Magic’; ‘Tending to Your Field’ (how to care for your Human Energy Field); and ‘Drawing your Dream to You’.

architectsWe are all on a Spiral journey deeper and deeper into ourselves as Individuations of the Oneness emanating our colors in a magnificent array of duality and polarity participating in this fascinating undertaking of a universe, galaxy and planet in a simultaneous evolutionary leap. Honor and value your curiosity, adventurousness and intrepid nature—for I certainly do!