Equilibrium and Counterbalance

yin-yang dark lightHappy Spring Equinox to ALL!

Truly a Spring day here on the East coast, enjoying both the remains of our recent snow storm with the chill in the air and the warmth of the sun shining on the buds starting to come forth. Another expression of the Equinox as equal parts of day/night, dark/light, Fall in the southern hemisphere and Spring in the Northern representing, the dying off and birthing, polarities and duality so perceptible in Nature every moment of every day.

Many are reeling from the polarities and duality so apparent in the news and the world, that it can get difficult to keep from losing our balance! Much is being said about that balance and while I recognize the meaning behind the word, energetically it feels somewhat laborious and oh so difficult. It can feel as if we have to hold something and ‘maintain’ something with the implication that it is pretty much up to us individually and we must use our minds and will to do so, which can be exhausting.

Perhaps now the key is to consistently equilibrate and find equipoise which is defined as a “counterbalance, counterweight, equal distribution of weight, equality of force, equality of weight, equilibrium, equiponderance, evenness, match, offset, stability, symmetry.”

This contrast of extremes has been visually and materially coming forth in Nature and many other signs for those tuned in to receive them. Recently coming out of the grocery store, I was struck by the cloudy sky with a very marked large hole in the clouds revealing blue skies and sunlight. Within the time it took to load my groceries and pull 5 rows away in the parking lot there was an actual blizzard! With no visibility beyond half a block then pulling out to the light on Rt. 70 (beyond the width of which you could not see), then going approx. 5 blocks coming around the jug handle to cross over Rt. 70 and this is what I beheld.

pic1 Pic2






This is sitting in my car at the stoplight, view on my left side (where I had just come from) and view on my right!

And it perfectly outpictures what can be seen in our world with the dangerous, blinding, non visible, forces in great contrast to beautiful mind boggling advances in science and technology of innovations that can unbelievably rapidly change our world!

Perhaps by building a resource center of sites that report the amazing and wonderfully creative solutions to the challenges facing our world we can counterbalance something upsetting, depressing or infuriating that we hear or read. Here are a few https://energy.gov/science-innovation , http://shareably.net/ , http://www.ecowatch.com/ .Please add more and advise me or better still please go to Healers Universe Facebook page to follow it and you’ll see many as they come through. https://www.facebook.com/Healers-Universe-LLC-171134726292214/   Here’s a short video reminding of the power of communication and collaborating with another or others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a8BpY7NI0M

On a more individual basis there are countless practices and tools available to ‘offset’ and match the destabilization of our emotional, mental and even physical bodies. Gratitude practices reminding us of the many blessings both large and small in our daily lives, spending time observing and communing with Nature. ‘Earthing’ ourselves by walking on the ground in bare feet (as it warms up). Some powerful Plant helpers that can be connected to and teamed up with are the Young Living Essential Oils of ‘Grounding’ to connect to the planet and your body; ‘Ylang Ylang’ for balance; ‘Believe’ to remember anything is possible; ‘Faith’ in Life and the greater picture; ‘Highest Potential’ to reach yours and Humanity’s; ‘Into The Future’ that we get there; and ‘Magnify Your Purpose’ so that your Essence and alignment to it helps draw us there! Call me for where to apply on you and or more info. On using Essential Oils https://healersuniverse.com/essential-oils/

Celebrate Spring which reminds us of renewal, planting new seeds and fertility with your own unique old or new traditions which inspire gratitude to the earth and environment in a beautiful and meaningful way. Allow for and create riotous bouts of joy in the constancy, consistency and reliability of LIFE!

In ancient times, when planting took priority as a way to sustain a community, clearing away debris and weeds was an important step before spring planting. What needs to be cleared from your house and life so that the seeds you long to plant can grow? This is an ideal time to take a moment to contemplate what needs to be transformed in your inner life making space for the new. (https://healersuniverse.com/sessions/

With this season comes more accessibility and experiences of the current energetic of Magic which each of us can tap into and collaborate with to re-evolutionize our personal and collective world! There are a myriad of flavors and forms of Magic that we may hold through our lineage, other existences or different locations within the cosmos. This is something that has been coming forth and with which I have been working for the last couple years. So I invite you to come in for an upgrade to your system which will help you to explore your way with the energetics of Magic which like many of the scientific, mechanical and tech innovations and discoveries coming forth can transform our world in ways and with such speed we cannot even imagine. Beyond imagining is a definition of Magic!

SAVE THE DATE: WED. APRIL 19TH AT 7PM “EARTH DAY, EARTH LIFE!” We will be gathering and creating a container of safe space with Sacred Mathmatics and energetics within which you can experience Psychonavigation and learn about the particular Earth/Nature/Element energetic that you hold and can transmit in order to acknowledge, give attention to and cooperate with this lovely planet for the mutual benefit of ALL!