Gifts for You

Greetings dear ones,

Three Kings Day or Dia de los Reyes, marks the end of the Twelve days of Christmas and the Holy Days Magipreceding it. This holy day commemorates Jesus’ manifestation to the world by the visitation of the three Wise men or Magi and their gifts to honor this Light to the world and the illumined path he would walk. When I lived in Latin America, this was a day when children received their gifts versus the western Santa Claus customs and I so I find myself reflecting on the many, many gifts I received throughout this year.
Gifts of unique connection and continuity that can only come from mutually lived experiences of family. Gifts of love and laughter from dear close friends, renewal of friendships from the past and forging of new ones.  The breathtakingly beautiful gifts of this earth observed and absorbed during my travels this year. And the awe inspiring gift of witnessing the courage and dedication of amazing clients advancing on their souls journey.
In keeping with the tradition of honoring and gifting, I would like to offer the following to you!
The Christ child was given gold to insure his safety and security, allowing he and his family to survive during those tumultuous and dangerous times. For the entire month of Dec., I have been extending the new Matrix Field around and through all clients within my practice creating a ‘bubble of protection’ from the turbulent and chaotic energetics resulting from the evolutionary changes occurring in the galaxy and within planetary structures which directly affect our bodies and physical world. As of today, I am further broadening the scope of the Matrix Field to include those on the mailing list as well as those reading this blog.  If you have any particular physical or life issue you  want addressed, I invite you to place it in the field by writing me at
Myrrh essential oil, another gift presented to the child had been used for millennia as a healing and anointing oil. Myrrh was known to stop bleeding and for its wound healing properties. (for more info visit Essential Oils page.)  In this vein I offer the compassionate knowing that it is through whatever wounds you may have incurred in this life, that ultimately lead to the revelatory transformation of your self perception and resulting awareness of your wider multidimensional Being. So in whatever way you feel called to receive collaboration or guidance in that process, I offer three types of discounted sessions to catalyze and ease your way on. Whether that be with a Raindrop Therapy to clean and clear physical, mental and emotional stagnancy or a 90min Energetic upgrade/update to your body and energy field surrounding issues you have already processed or a Discovery session to detach and transmute patterns fixed in this or other existences, my passion and commitment is to alleviate pain thereby avoiding suffering.

The third gift brought by the Wise Men or Alchemists was that of the holy essential oil of Frankincense used for 5000 years in multiple spiritual traditions for its powerful connective properties. With a high level of sesquiterpenes, a chemical constituent that passes the blood brain barrier, it can affect the pineal and pituitary glands, both known by the ancients to be the seat of the Divine. I have always experienced Frankincense as an ‘express elevator’ to the Divine allowing for a deep feeling/knowing of communion and unity with all in this world and beyond. My gift to you is to truly, authentically know always and in all ways, the spiritual perfection of you and whatever choices you make as being in exact right order for your soul and its overall purpose. I will hold the ‘High Watch’ for you and continue to work with your higher self, as always when you come in to my meditation or energetic practices. Always holding love and acceptance for you – unconditionally!

Be well and happy always and in all ways, Andrea

For the month of January session discounts as follows
Raindrop Therapy $160 (regularly $175)
90min energetic Upgrade/Update  $120 (regularly $135)
Discover the Universe Within Session $160 (regularly $180)

FRIDAY JAN 9th   7-9PM Open Donation to benefit Camden Rescue Mission “PINEAL TONINGTM”  An advanced, esoteric system which allows for an expansion to subtler states of awareness by creating a quantum field for health and extended life, building new neural pathways around the pineal to make it a stronger receiver and transmitter of info. from your Akash. Call 856-904-5566 to Register. 

WED JAN 21st   7-9:30pm     $25 before 1/19   $30 thereafterSACRED CIRCLE”- “INTROSPECTION- IN-PROTECTION” Utilizing the Divine Matrix Field and the Central Earth Devas we will enter into deep levels of Safety and Security to explore both your Inner and Outer world with Equilibrium. Call 856-904-5566 to register