Full Moon / Solar Flares‏

Hoping all are enjoying the exquisite fall leaf colors this year. Each day show such new

November energetics

November energetics

scenes and treats for the senses of sight and fragrance and sound of wind through the trees. How could anyone want to harm such magnificent beings?

But such is the case with old energies continuing to dominate, control and use resources without consciousness. Yet, at the same time we have so many awakening to a deeper desire for a different way both individually and in the world. Many would like to blame every thing and everyone outside of self, a victim mentality perpetuating our human condition and the entrapments we find ourselves in.
“However, the key phrase here is ‘human consciousness.’ This implies each of us is responsible for the collective consciousness we find ourselves in—the reality of our personal lives and that of our world we uphold by consensus.” Did you fulfill that societal responsibility by voting your conscience?

The pull between the polarities of old vs. new, male/female, good vs. evil, (notice the many dark themed TV shows lately), are all part and parcel of the earth ‘we uphold by consensus’. However the call to evolve the degree of disparity is strong and being advanced by the multitude of energies coming in from the galaxy which is also undergoing vast evolutionary shifts which in turn directly affect our bodies. Are you noticing an increase in body aches/pains or other maladies? Many are reporting imbalances in specific body systems.

“An underlying cosmic current motivating inner healing and clearing, especially of heart related issues, dominates a good part of this lunar cycle. This energetic shifts rapidly in the latter part of the cycle, toward an outward expression with an accelerating intensity, mostly due to key planetary configurations triggering the building tension produced by the tightening Uranus-Pluto Square.” (NAF)

Most clients are being faced with the deepest aspects of their issues pushing forth to be transformed, but thereafter feeling a corresponding physical and/or emotional relief very quickly. Interestingly the core polarity surrounds the distortion of male energy as domination and ‘control over’ and the ensuing dismissal, rejection, shutting down and ‘evilization’ of the feminine traits of psychic awareness and inner knowing. Denying and/or negating these essence aspects has direct consequences to ones sense of self, value and freedom to be who you are and express in the world.

This full moon Nov. 6th in Taurus “combines its power with the practicality of earth, meaning focus is on our security, what we value, our resources, possessions, and what we can experience with our earthly senses and Taurus reflects how we experience our self-worth. Ruled by feminine Venus, she brings to Taurus the sensuous, the beautiful, and the ability to magnetize what she desires to her. The material world reflects how Taurus views power and strength and safety in the world

It is a time of palpable Feminine Power – meaning of the Earth, the body, the sensual, that which holds beauty and power with grace.” (Lena Stevens) Young Living’s Essential Oil ‘Sensation’ is a beautiful and potent tool to assist you at this time. www.HealersUniverse/essentialoils

How fascinating that this week has also brought us more intense Solar Flare activity than the combined year to date! The male energy of the Sun and it’s ability to disrupt our physical and energy bodies through electromagnetic field effects. One source states “the correlation is that solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm (biological clock). The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity. This causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, and melatonin is the brain’s built in “downer” that helps us sleep. Psychological effects of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) are typically short lived and include headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking, and erratic behaviors also increase.” (DDCN) Anyone experiencing this lately?

This Fri. Nov. 7th within the full moon energies, I am offering Dr. Todd’s Pineal Toning where you may dissolve or loosen old energy patterns within physical structures and open to energies that can recalibrate your Pineal Gland as well as heighten your intuitive abilities and access multi-dimensional aspects enlarging your energetic container. 7pm (Call to register please)

This months “SACRED SISTERHOOD CIRCLE”- “Gathering and Harvesting the Earth Within” on Wed. Nov. 19th will also help to align you with the earth structures within your body and energy field which can allow you to synchronize with potent Life Force sources as did indigenous cultures, to maintain your well BEING within all the DOING of the upcoming holiday season.

Consider a variety of ways to raise your frequency as well as deepening your ground and connection to the earth. Ask and allow your Energy Field and Guides and Masters to clear and reset the earth structures of you to balance and align in the exact right way for you each day. Use Young Living Pure Oils to support you multiple times throughout the day or whenever you feel the effects of the chaotic energies in your life or if you are sensitive to earth and cosmic energies, when you notice a surge in activity. Stay tuned for more updates and suggestions!