Sun Storms and Equinox‏

The first of the two solar storm waves reached Earth late Thursday right on time, space weather center officials wrote in an update late Thursday. Also on Thursday, NASA released a new video of the X1.6 solar flare from its sun-watching Solar Dynamics Observatory, showing the event in two different wavelengths.

Coronal mass ejections are powerful eruptions of super-hot plasma than can be blown out from the sun during major solar flares. This week, the an active sunspot known as AR2158 sun fired off a moderate M4.6 solar flare on Monday, followed by a much more powerful X1-6 class on Wednesday, Sept. 10. X-class flares are the most powerful flares the sun experiences. Berger said that the two CMEs from this week’s solar storms could cause some radio and GPS navigation system hiccups, as well as voltage irregularities in power grids of the northern United States, but nothing too extreme.

“We don’t expect any unmanageable impacts to national infrastructure from these solar events at this time, but we are watching these events closely,” Berger said.

Perhaps not on infrastructure with measuring tools of the present, but many clients and colleagues have been feeing the effects of the Solar spots in their body and energy fields! I have been encountering misalignments in the axis and atlas and in conjunction with various other energy field structures. Physically many have been exhausted or drained of energy, barely making it through the day.Eating and sleeping patterns completely awry. Interestingly memory and speech has also had ‘disruptions’.

Much of which has been resolved or eased as I’ve introduced Dark Matter and Dark Energy within the field. Both being from the Dark Universe where creation of evolutionary patters source.

If you have felt ‘off’ or ‘out of whack’ (client descriptions), consider coming in for a ‘tune-up and alignment’. Particularly those who have worked with me in the past and/or over a period of time as your field was updated to energetics previously current to our solar system and your energy field, but which now may need the latest revisions. 

Some other suggestions would be to “Go to the Trees”! There is enoumous healing and wisdom available when you “ask and allow for your system to be infused with adaptibility and fluidity” from a favorite tree or group of trees you have access to or you may also ask to be led to a ‘Master Tree’ in your neighborhood or town. Thank you to all the amazing ladies who attended this month’s Sisterhood Cicle working with the Trees and the Tree of Life Within for the healing and recognition of these great teachers, and all they do and give to us!

Check out the Essential Oils page for some quick and easy ways to lubricate and recenter your energy field and body.

Hoping to see you soon at one of the upcoming events listed below!