Sunset over the Flores SeaHoping all are enjoying these Lazy Hazy Days of Summer! This has been a rather quiet month as far as overarching energetics and planetary alignments and occurrences. This has enabled so many to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Happily there has also been an increase in the mode of ‘play’ within the psyche.
Now as we move into the busy Fall season I would invite you to carry that sensation over into work, studies, errands household tasks, etc.
Sai Baba reminded us:
Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it.

As children we played and believed anything was possible until we heard enough ‘No’s’ to doubt it and then deny it within us. For as we dream and imagine the world that we wish to see, it is in the individual ‘being’ of those qualities that it can manifest in the physical.

“Imagine children raised by parents who deeply live their goodness and wisdom.
Imagine businesses and organizations run by individuals absolutely committed to being harmony, peace, and stewardship and having those qualities throughout.
Imagine political leaders living their soul’s highest values.
Imagine good works done by those who deeply are their good works.
Imagine yourself being this, too. Such things would have far-reaching results —think of the ordinary people you know who live elevated values. We each have friends, coworkers, schoolteachers, neighbors, church leaders, and acquaintances who are living higher values. We all can. We can do so to an amazing degree, and as we do, our own lives change and begin to reflect the peace, harmony, freedom, and abundance that we choose to place in our being. Our work, friendships, family — all begin to change; our lives and our world are transformed.
As we become the living examples of every aspect of the world we have dreamed of since we were children, the miracles of change we have longed for in the world will happen within and all around us.” Lenedra Carroll

May your childhood dreams and imaginings fuel and feed the excitement, enthusiasm and energy necessary, allowing you to express your unique and needed Essence in this beautifully and jointly designed grand Game!

For some tools and skills to help you along with that:
PINEAL TONING  Sept. 12th    7-9pm  An advanced, esoteric system which allows for an expansion to subtler states of awareness by creating a quantum field for health and extended life, building new neural pathways around the pineal to make it a stronger receiver and transmitter of info. from your multidimensional levels.

SACRED SISTERHOOD CIRCLE SEPT. 17TH 7-9:30pm THEME: “YOU ARE/AS THE TREE OF LIFE” We will be connecting to the mythic “Trees of Power” and working with the regional Tree Masters rooting deeply into your Ground allowing for the branching out of your inner wisdom through your work, home and relationships. Please bring a memento or picture of a tree you relate/connect to now or as a child.

EQUINOX CELEBRATION– Sat. Sept. 20th 7-9pm  We will be doing ceremony and practices to let ‘fall’ away that which no longer serves our evolutionary path, harvesting that which will take us forward through winter and prepare physically for the deep dreaming of our future.

I will be teaching this powerful technique to clean and clear multiple levels of the body and energy field with Young Living Essential Oils. Preparing and working with energy and your body/HEF will be part of this day long delicious healing haven

KRYON IS COMING TO PHILADELPHIA! Sat. Oct 11th all day event
 Details to follow.

ABUNDANT REALITY CLASS  Oct. 11th online facilitated by Story Waters 21 days of intense abundance focus (Register before Sept. 1st for discount)