julyHoping all are having “Summer Fun in the Sun’!

Skimpy clothing and swimwear of the hot weather months notwithstanding, it is apparent that our bodies are coming forth to connect, communicate and teach us a new way of being in relationship.

As many of you who have worked with me know, the focus is coming down into the body, creating a container in and through which we are able to channel the knowledge and wisdom from other dimensions and existences of us. Generally this is a challenge since it also means potentially dipping in to the feelings that our defense system works so very hard to avoid. Ergo a distancing from our physicality in any way possible!

The invitation currently is to build a new and different relationship with this amazing vehicle we chose to enable us to experience this 3rd dimension plane.  First we have to meet our body and get to know it, listen, learn it’s language and be a friend to it! This can be practiced by sitting or laying and deeply allowing, ie. placing ourselves in a soft receptive, curious mode wherein cues and clues may come in the form of pictures, images, objects, locations on the planet, movie scenes, stories, myths etc. For the body does not tend to speak in clear English sentences!  Imagine yourself as an explorer in a land where not only do you not know the language, but the form of communication is based in symbology and metaphor and you must learn to interpret what is being communicated.

Then after fully allowing a connection to be made, give thanks and appreciation for all the many ways in which your body has supported you, put up with use and misuse, ignoring it and taking it for granted. You may even want to ask forgiveness. A client recently told me that as she did so she suddenly heard herself say “I didn’t know” (meaning she didn’t realize what her body had been experiencing) and heard her body respond ‘no forgiveness necessary, I understand’. You would do the same with a dear friend  or partner with whom you want to cultivate a deep relationship/friendship wouldn’t you? Come to have that level of communication with your body.

I recently heard an estimate of the tens of thousands of stimuli the body receives in any given moment and the small percentage we are aware of even subliminally. The complexity of all systems functioning just to allow us to stand upright is staggering. Allow yourself to be amazed and grateful!

Take the opportunity to Sungaze. A modern mystic shared a practice with me last week of raising your hands above your crown chakra, feeling a ball of sunlight and drawing it down int  your head, then your heart and while feeling your heartbeat, bring your attention to any area that is in pain or out of balance an feel the heartbeat in that area, then allow the sun heat to enter that body part or organ or system and feel the healing heat radiate through it. It’s not easy (I am practicing myself), but the rewards can be great.

Join me next month Aug. 20th at the Sacred Sisterhood Circle where we will be working with the energetic of the Sun to bring forth the masculine creating balance to both aspects of self.

Give your body rather than your head first choice in what and when to eat. If you learn to listen well it will tell you exactly what foods and liquids will bring it into balance. And of course here in the garden state we have so much more access to local fresh fruits and vegetables. Many local farmers markets and CSA’s are right in your own community 

Another client has been exploring her body’s reaction in the shower with a new bodywash to see what her arms legs etc. feel like experiencing the texture of the bubbles created. Not just coming into contact with her body, but enjoying the response and feedback from her skin etc. as it experiences. Much like enjoying a child encountering something for the first time and observing how he/she reacts to it. Remember this?

My hair actually responded much this way when I used Young Living’s shampoo for the first time and it actually protests if I use anything that is not a pure.  Check them out – here – along with the amazing lotion all of which have essential oils in them and very pure!

Or better still if you have Young Living oils, ask your body which oil it needs and where it wants you to put it. A fabulous way to connect with your body and awaken your intuitive abilities!

Whichever way you choose to do so I encourage you to develop and build a wholly new relationship and friendship with this extraordinary Temple of your Soul!