Divine Feminine

In this month of the Divine feminine, we have felt the deeWoman radiancep primal energy of Mother and all that entails the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature in Spring, along with the cosmological influences of Vesta, Ceres and Sedna.

We have the opportunity, both men and women, to bring balance between our male dominant reasoning/rational/intellect and our feminine intuitive/inner voice/invisible force aspects. In many Native American tribes unless a man had fully developed his extrasensory abilities he could never be Chief, for it was well recognized how vital these discerning abilities are in decision making and the blending of both sides to the expansion and growth of the tribe.

“Sedna appears to motivate action from a mature social platform, from an open, honest and inclusive humanitarian focus, into an active focus in leadership in the world; to break trail along a new path of discovery by demonstrating that a more feminine humanitarian type of leadership can provide the answers to the challenges our world faces.” N. Fiorenza

Yet, how do we access, develop and utilize these abilities? Through self exploration and discovery, transforming the fears and doubts imprinted by childhood experiences into the truth of who we are. The natural talents and gifts we all possess come forth, as we become clearer allowing us to settle into and practice our own unique intuitive skills throughout our everyday tasks. In the continued work of transformation, we strengthen and hone our extrasensory dexterity as we ‘Discover the Universe Within’ and the particular ways we are connected to and channel universal forces. Such as the Creation force experienced through the Feminine Principle.

Getting in touch with the divine feminine means, as a society, we will allow the more creative and subjective side of ourselves to flourish which will allow the same in society to flourish. Vesta is the asteroid of Focus, Dedication & Commitment; of physical, emotional, and mental clarity; and of self-respect. Vesta brings a capacity to be pure within self at all levels for the expression of one’s highest potential and true Essence. Vesta brings attention to that which is of true importance to us and will ignite and burn away that which is not so we can become clear. Vesta is keeper of the sacred flame within self. Vesta asks us to examine our inner values, our passion in life, to become clear on it, and to use our creativity to keep that fire alive.

Potential Vesta issues are: scatteredness, with an inability to focus, commit or carry through; and avoidance of one’s true purpose.

In the Greek mysteries, Gaia or Gaea is a name of the Divine Mother. Gaia is Mother Nature, or the planet Earth. Gaia does not merely represent the literal, physical planet, Gaia represents forces of nature: laws and intelligences that function on every level of the cosmos. The Divine Mother is matter, energy. In fact, her name in Latin is Mater, which is where we get the word matter.

The mother is the presence of this divine creative force in all things. Just as we have a physical, humanoid mother, the planet is our mother; the solar system is our mother; this galaxy is our mother; the universe is our mother. The Mother, the Cosmic Mother, has many levels. Moreover, and probably most importantly, we have our own individual Divine Mother.

Ceres, the mother of the main asteroids, brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth, caring for others as well as for the Earth. Lupita Nyongo wonderfully articulates this acknowledgement in this video when speaking about women and beauty.

Potential Ceres issues are: fear of abundance, lack and material struggle; low self esteem; unworthiness; abandonment / rejection issues expressing as attachment to people and things, manipulation of loved ones, over-attachment to siblings, possessiveness, and control of siblings or of one’s creations; mother-child complexes; and barrenness.

Sedna articulates the “return of the exiled feminine principle.” Sedna’s message is that humanity must recognize the truth about the suppression, persecution, abduction and exploitation of the feminine force in the world (both of females and of the feminine principle); and the mentality perpetuating such must be addressed and changed. Sedna’s re-emergence suggests her purpose is to bring forth that which has been hidden, exiled, latent or suppressed; and the participation of females equally with males in all walks of life; prominently, openly and without fear, abuse, prejudice or exploitation.

Potential Sedna issues may include: a refusal or hesitancy to participate in fear of being hurt, or from resentment of being hurt; abduction or abandonment issues (self-exile or forced exile); or fear of commitment.

In this moving video of the male warrior mentality, apologizing and recognizing the divinity within the feminine (below), we can hold the hearts of all the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters etc. who have suffered under the old male dominant world paradigm and it’s most destructive expression – war– this Memorial Day weekend. Knowing that as the two aspects, masculine and feminine of each of us as individuals is brought into balance so too will the planet evolve to reflect that true expression of the Divine feminine and the Divine Masculine in equilibrium.

I would be deeply honored to facilitate and guide through the ‘Discover the Universe Within’ sessions the fullest manifestation of both facets of your Being!