Mercury Transit Full Moon

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Hope you are enjoying the myriad of colors and Fall Leaf piles to jump in!

This is the entrance into the cycle of ‘deathing’. Traditionally this was the end of the Harvest, preserving and preparing foods for the winter. Animals being brought in from the pastures and housed in barns and corrals with those not strong enough to last the winter being slaughtered. And therefore a time of feasting and sharing. Death was not something strange or feared as it was simply part of the natural way or succession to the next phase of life. Departed loved ones and ancestors were part of these celebrations in cultures around the world. Honoring, connecting to, speaking with and expecting to receive wisdom and guidance from those members of the family.

Last week the amazing participants of the Saints, Souls and Selves event here partook in ceremony and practices to transform long standing family lineage or ancestral as well as cultural aspects that are held in our cells, DNA and Energy Fields. (Thank you beautiful Beings for your impeccable willingness and commitment to evolution) For many conflicts and wars throughout the centuries stem from ancient ethnic rivalries and prejudices still maintained within families and societies today. Discounting or diminishing another based on color, creed, sexual orientation, religion or heritage perpetuates separation between peoples that so many are determined to change. It also allows those who profit from wars to inflame and incite them as reasons to fight and die while preserving the old structures of domination, control and oppression.

Veterans day, 11/11 at 11am marks the end of “the war to end all wars”. So called because some felt that it would lead to the destruction of the sorts of governments and attitudes that caused war. But it is not until we each transform our own separation within ourselves resulting from our own experience of being discounted or diminished can this actually be a reality. Then turning that same light of revelation on the subtle and not so subtle ways we, the individual, continue to hold attitudes of judgement, discrimination and partisanship toward others that these positions and ways of division will dissolve.

Another way of seeing this date is through Numerology. From the time of Pythagoras numbers have been acknowledged as significant and powerful. 11 is considered a master number and more and more people even outside of the ‘spiritual’ community have noticed the prominence of 11:11 showing up on clocks and in other settings. This combination is said to signify a Divine nod or acknowledgment from the Divine through Guides, Teachers, Masters. That our ‘helpers’ are standing by to listen and respond to our asking for wisdom and direction. For those who feel more aligned with their relatives or ancestors, it can represent their continued connection and oversight of ones life. in many circles it is something to ‘make a wish’ upon.

So I invite each one of you to make a wish throughout the day of 11:11 that war and conflicts, clashes and discord be a ‘thing of the past’; envisioning it as a way of life that we evolved out of and only know of in books or movies. And my prayer/wish is that the conflicts within each of us are transformed, raising the vibration of each to a point where the discounting, diminishing, disregarding, disrespecting, devaluing and dismissing of another is DISSOLVED!

We have great assistance with this while Mercury transits the sun. A wondrous event that will not take place again for a dozen years and may not be as visible to so many in as many areas of the world. In the USA not until 2049! The significance of this transit is how directly it will cross the sun. You can use protective gear, much like that for an eclipse to view it. Hopefully you kept your eclipse glasses from the 2017 event! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!

Just like that event we have powerful cosmic forces assisting to affect change in the power structures that have been in place since we started this particular exploration of duality. The pyramidal structure of the few having and holding resources and power over and on the backs of the majority with one group, in this case a gender, maintaining power through dominance, control and oppression. But that structure is falling as the base of that pyramid becomes wider and more circular.

Mercury is a catalytic energy referred to in alchemy as ‘quicksilver’ for its rapid energy to alter that with which it is combined. This transit going across the face of the sun indicates the swift (in relative terms for a species) way in which we are shifting to a more cooperative, collaborative, connected, inclusive way of being – the Aquarian age. Leading us into the ‘societal reset’ of 2020 and the following decade.

Take advantage of this transit to explore the ways you dominate, control and oppress parts or aspects of you. Follow the trail to how that was experienced in your younger years leading to separation between or among your personality self and your Authentic Self; your Essence and the way you feel you should be; the care taker self and the one who desires to be taken care of; the ‘doer’ self and the one who longs to just play in the ways that feel good; the part that had to be shut down because it caused her/him to be upset and the one who knows in your Innate what is right for you!

For our Vesta Full Moon on the following day brings the energetic of the Flame of Truth Within. As the ‘keeper of the fires of Olympus’ she holds the ‘eternal flame of the soul’ alive within the Self. Your very Essence, that has, is and ever will be YOU! Throughout all time!    Allow her regenerative and transformative energy to “bring emphasis to the importance of becoming clear, focused, dedicated, and patient to sculpt the lives we want. It impels us to trust in and radiate our own heart-light to illuminate and guide us through whatever lies ahead. It impels us to be inventive and uninhibited to find original solutions to the challenges we may face. It also impels us to trust primal instinct, in this case, more so than reason”. Nick Fiorenza

For it is ONLY when each of us transforms our personal, lineage, ancestral and cultural distortions of the pure, natural human nature within us, will we move into the evolved humanity in unity and harmony with one another and our home – Earth.

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