Earthing you

Verdant earthHoping all are enjoying the greening and ‘filling in’ of the trees and plants!

There is such vibrancy and vitality in that opening and growth of new leaves and branches, sproutings and blossoms that can equilibrate us during the massive upheaval and change in the world. And it is critical for both our bodies and the earth that we connect and align with that life force!

We are not only of the earth, but part and parcel of the earth project that is attempting an evolutionary process unlike any other in the universe. For it is coinciding with the evolutionary cycles of our galaxy as well as our supercluster of galaxies and the universe. This takes intensity to a whole new level and the effects on our bodies, psyches and spirits can be severe.

The amazing and complex design of our partnership and alignment with the earth is the means by which we can advance to a higher stage of being. We have the same energetic structures of the earth, we have the same elements and the basic minerals in our body are also those that comprise the earth’s crust. Our bodies and energy fields are designed to work in cooperation and conjunction with the land, the seasons and cycles of this fascinating planet.

As we align with the earth, we can ‘hear’ and remember the wisdom inherent on our body and energy field. The earth will meet us and share her peace and intrinsic wisdom, available to us in any given moment by virtue of this intricate partnership.

A daily practice where you are consciously aligning with your body and with the earth can not only be easy and fun, but the benefits to your mind and emotions will become evident. The earth will rise up to meet you without the slightest of effort, once you are first in your body. You can then relinquish anything that impedes the Divine design of your natural union with the deep knowledge of the earth and your own deeper knowledge. You can ask and receive information, feel the comfort and encouragement of a true ally in this challenging evolutionary project.

As we come into warmer weather it is easier to step outside and allow yourself to FEEL the earth beneath you and the vibrancy and vitality of the soil. Yet in many places and locations this can be difficult as the land and the soil have been so depleted for so long, as is the case here on the east coast. So I invite you to let yourself be called to a locale on the planet, perhaps somewhere you have been, perhaps somewhere you have never been, but recently saw or heard of or perhaps came across a picture and don’t even know where it is, but simply felt something.

You can also use books such as “1001 Natural Wonders” or perhaps an article comes across your desk like this one did for me, naturally calling out for these sites to be recognized, acknowledged and felt.  For it is in this greeting, honoring, seeing and alliance that these places will continue to exist and thrive. And if destroyed, will not be forgotten much as we have ingrained in us our loved ones that pass on.

Know that your system and/or that spot on the earth have a wisdom beyond your mind’s information and that it is the exact right location for you to drop into at this moment in time. Trust the greater wisdom that this alignment is what is needed for both you and that special site.

Open your field and allow yourself to flow with the topography. Soak up the rich vibrations and allow the information to come to you in symbol, sound, sensation in your body, song, scene from a movie, memory, story, book, legend. The earth does not necessarily speak in clear english sentences! As you become more adept at connecting down into your body and energy field you will ‘hear’ where the earth is calling for you and what information is coming forth. Where it is ‘safest’ for you to ‘plug in’ each day. We were meant to be in our bodies and know who we truly are!

This is another of the amazing techniques we have to widen our own intuitive abilities. If you would like to learn more about how you can do this and other practices, consider a 75 min “Energetic Alignment” session that I am offering at a discount to support the extremes of energetic currents and bursts happening every day and their effects on our bodies and energy fields.

On Wed. May 10th  7pm, I am beginning an “Earthkeepers Group” to teach others how to work with the earth and your energy field for the mutual benefit of both. These classes will also heighten and expand your ability to receive guidance and information from the earth and strengthen your energetic abilities for healing. For more information and to register

And don’t forget the “COSMIC TRAVELS” May theme: Blossoming and Opening your Channel  Wed. May 17th 7-9:30pm Learn and experience processes of Psychonavigation and Shapeshifting to truly FEEL the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things, your role within this Earth project and how your presence is making a difference.