wave of loveHoping all are enjoying the cooler temps, the scent of winter in the air and holiday preparations!

As we watch the pieces falling into place for the years to come, many are anxious about the future and the potential harm to our planet, certain groups and individuals as well as the design and ideal of our democracy.

While there is so much to be concerned about, it is also requiring all of us to stand up and be counted for what we believe in and are willing to take action to change. Even if that means more effort and work by doing research, using information resources and discerning what is true and what is hype. Perhaps that means boycotting the products and companies that are not in alignment with what we feel is right and just. Even if that means sacrifices of doing without or willing to pay more for those services and products which do fit with our principles.

Now more than ever it is vital to gather together bringing forth our own natural abilities, gifts and talents to co-create the world we envision for our children and grandchildren.

We are being called forth to step into our fullness by accessing and utilizing those ‘super’ natural abilities we have been working on and refining for lifetimes.

I just contacted a techie to ask how something could go viral over the next couple days. I’m sending it out in all the ways I know how, but my tech skills are small.

There is such a concept/reality such as the “Hive of Hives”. (One day I hope an amazing colleague of mine in Mexico will teach it). So if we each sent it out to each of our own hives (people you care/pray/feel for and with), it could create a wave of energy truly allowing the majority to vote energetically as their heart and core tell them.

This could set up an election for everyone to vote on their dream. A dream from the PEOPLE or at least each of our hives, which when combined have a staggering amount of people.

Many of you know of the great deal of scientific research there is indicating the potential for a shift in consciousness when coming from an energetic. We could set up an election where everyone can vote on their dream. from the PEOPLE or at least each of our hives which when combined has a staggering amount of people.

Here’s what I wrote: Eddie, wasn’t sure what I needed and in many instances still don’t technically.
But, here’s my question: I have a website, email list, FB private and FB Business page, What would it take to tie these all together to get a vital message viral as fast as possible? Fast, meaning this message needs to go viral over the next couple days before Mon.!
The page would be called “WE THE PEOPLE” and the standing question for the page would be “I HAVE A DREAM… and each person would sign on to write what they would dream this world into being.  EG: my “I HAVE A DREAM… leads off with “I dream of a world in which many of the Star Trek Principles and Precepts (Precepts are little life lessons that are usually passed down to children by authority figures such as parents, teachers, or religious figures); No war, no hunger, no ‘money’ per se., where each are doing their calling and as Spock once said, “It is in our diversity that we have our strength” or similar.
A dear friend suggested the video running would be Kirk from the ‘Omega Glory’ episode. If by any chance you are a Trekkie you’d know it by the Yins and Yangs If not, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGO-SldLrNA

We have three days to create a wave that could cause a beautiful energetic would flow over our country and continue.
To begin the wave, I am inviting anyone who cares to to gather with me on Fri. Dec. 16th at 8pm in person in my healing space and/or energetically to send this wave of “I have a dream…” over our country and beyond. Please contact me for details. www.healersuniverse.com/contact/