Life and Death and Somewhere in Between

AllSoulsHope you are enjoying the beauty of the leaves and the cool winds bringing change!

The theme of Life and Death so timely this month is being explored and felt in a wide range of contexts and experiences. Traditionally this is a time of year when many cultures had customs and traditions or held celebrations honoring the dead. In some instances for their loved ones who had passed to keep them present and allow the children to remember and/or get to know their relative. In other cultures ancient ancestors are honored through ceremony and visits to religious sites asking for continued assistance to maintain the honor and name of the family. Many European cultures recognized the ability of beings from the spirit world to help or hinder the lives of those in this plane and maintained rituals and customs to receive information from them or to appease the ‘spirits’ in order to avoid any harm or negativity throughout the coming year.

The concept of spirits from other worlds or the capacity for the dead to interact with the living has been viewed as quaint or primitive by some, but physics is getting closer to proving other dimensions do exist. Those healers, massage therapists and other practitioners who regularly connect with guides, masters and humans that have passed on, not only receive valuable information and assistance for their clients and themselves, but more often than not have the information validated by outside sources or confirmed by signs and synchronicities ‘impossible to make up’!

Yet we all have the innate skill to do so and used to rely upon and utilize these abilities throughout history. It comes back gradually and naturally as we transform the issues within us that tend to impede these higher sense perceptions. Higher sense perception corresponds to the ‘feeling’ aspects of us and if those feelings are blocked, then so too are our particular and individual means of receiving information. So the transformation process of those issues becomes the avenue by which we connect not only to ourselves, but to our inner universe and all the resources, information and assistance available in our very own internal ‘www’!

Sideral astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza reveals the stars alignment this week as “The outstretched Lynx lies just north of Cancer. The boundaries of the Lynx are obscure, as are its stars, appropriately as the Lynx merges between seen and unseen worlds—capable of transiting the bridge between the two realms. The Lynx is known for its extraordinarily effortless ability to quietly move through the physical world, and to see without being seen or without physically looking, as in remote viewing. The Lynx is of intuition and of secrets shared or revealed. It is symbolic of the ability to see the hidden mystery and secrets of life; to see the spirit moving or expressing through matter. To have this perceptive and sensitive ability is to see where doorways become accessible in what otherwise may seem to be just a repetitive and mundane world.”

So I invite each one to explore your own intuitive abilities through exercises, dreamwork and meditation. Along with the continuing process of revealing your Self to your self through the transformation of your issues and current challenges which is your Soul’s beautifully designed map to navigate your own unique journey back to YOU. (

Here are some Young Living Essential oils which may help . And please contact me for an individually tailored read of which essential oils are ideal for you at this moment in time.

Also this months Sacred Sisterhood Circle” Nov. Theme: ‘Harvesting Gratitude’. Learn how to gather and preserve vitality and energy from the earth to your body throughout the holiday season!, will assist to awaken your intuitive skills through sensing your body and earth rhythms, pulse and other structures common to both.

And on Tues. Nov. 2nd at 7pm we’ll be gathering to Connect, Communicate and Communicate with those from other realities and/or those that have passed on the day of All Souls with practices and ceremony which this time fosters, as the veil is at it’s thinnest! (check schedule page for more info )

Here are a few resources for opening to greater intuition and wider Knowing