Independence on All Levels!‏

We all desire the autonomy inherent in that state of Freedom, but are we willing to hold the level of responsibility that accompanies it? This weekend as we enjoy the fireworks, time off from work and gatherings with food, family and friends we are perhaps a bit more acutely aware of our country as a haven of freedom.

We have the ability to speak our mind without fear of repercussions from a dictatorial leadership that many nations cannot even imagine. We have the ability to write what we want on many platforms even if it has no factual basis, but merely our opinion. We have the ability to create our life as we see fit within a framework of laws that protect both us and others. We have the ability to worship whatever and wherever as long as it does not infringe upon others and their freedoms. We have the ability to know what those in authority do and decide on our behalf.

How many of us grew up in a household where we could speak our mind, cite our opinions, our choices, believe/worship how we felt and design our lives as we desired without the expectations, restrictions and requirements stated outright or implied by those in authority – our parents. This then tends to make us question, doubt, criticize and wrong what we feel, what we believe, what we think, what we intuitively know.

Without the natural increase in our ability to rely upon our own inner compass and realization of what feels good and true for us, we become dependent upon outside sources for our self acknowledgement,  self esteem, self confidence and self love. We create dependencies and co-dependencies in order to receive and fill those empty spaces within, which have most likely been unfulfilled for decades.

The wonder is that as we begin to explore and know those places within and reset the patterns initially imprinted, we realize and assume the responsibility for our own fulfillment. With that responsibility comes unbound Freedom! For we then truly know deep within that we have the power to determine our state of Being and therefore create the life we desire. Moreover the more we know our inner human world, the more freedom we have to explore our Inner Spiritual World. (heads up for upcoming classes in developing “Spheres of Influence” and “Cosmic Travels”)

So too is this applicable within this genius system of democracy designed by our forefathers, (who were tuned in to Divine resources). As we cease seeking for an outside authority to fix the situation and depending on officials, corporations and governments to do right by us, we cease the dependencies and co-dependencies on those that seem to hold power over us, as did our parents. We then have the opportunity to become more informed, involved and responsible. Participating in and deciding that which goes on within our township, our county, state and country and our world. FREEDOM! Freedom to design our country, our world.

And to assist us in remembering the Truth of our Being, here is Rev. David Ault’s new “Pledge of Allegiance” to consider. Celebrate your Independence! Celebrate our Nations Independence! And Celebrate Independence from Want, Worry, Fear, War and Poverty for all Humanity! May it be so!

I pledge allegiance to breaking the self-imposed barriers of my humanness.
I recognize that my time on this planet is precious and limited. Every day is a canvas on which I can create. Every day is an opportunity for me to move in the direction of the dreams and the expanded vision I feel inside. By setting aside petty grievances, past mistakes, righteous anger and my broken story, I pledge to move forward and embrace the experience of freedom right here and right now.
I pledge allegiance to the expression of my spiritual honesty.
I fully own the fact that my presence here in this body and on this earth is a celebration of uniqueness and importance. Creation makes no mistakes. I am a creation of life, of a higher power, of perfection. My reason for being here matters in the grand divine plan. I must be honest with my contract of life and walk the path of my destiny with conviction, purpose and grace.
I pledge allegiance to the quiet soldier within.
I understand that the championing spirit that is already cellularly alive inside of me, that was
already in place at the time of my birth, waits patiently for my current belief about myself to join it in its knowing. I march forward towards a history of my own making, wisely, lovingly choosing the means by which I spread my beliefs and convictions. I never make others wrong for their chosen path for I recognize the innumerable roads that lead to the One.
I pledge allegiance to a partnership with divinity.
I choose to see others and myself from eyes that already view the wholeness and perfection within. I do not entertain our past damage or encourage us to identify with it for I trust that a grander calling card has been printed for us to distribute in promoting our lives. I champion all of us to celebrate what is working rather than what isn’t.
I pledge allegiance to wise discernment.
Knowing when to speak and when to remain quiet, knowing when to comfort and when to leave alone, knowing when to intervene and when to avoid rescuing and interfering.
I pledge allegiance to people and projects of substance.
I cannot travel this road alone. If there is anything we as a species need, it is each other. I actively choose to support those whose work I believe in with my time, talent and treasure. I joyously give to those whose intention and purpose is for self-empowerment and the awakening of humanity to its personal magnificence. I rally to make others aware of such light bearers and do what I can to support them in furthering their vision.
I pledge allegiance to the freedom from comparison.
I once and for all lay down my wearisome, stale beliefs of unworthiness and not being good enough. I know that my past does not define who I am. I am forever evolving, growing and learning. I recognize that I am a marvel. I now choose opportunities to let my voice be heard; to let my light shatter the darkness of futility so that every personal dream is explored.
I pledge allegiance in knowing that things are not always as they seem.
Just because something can1t be seen with the physical eye or rationalized by our current mode of understanding does not negate its existence. Understanding the difference between reality and illusion, I move into a fuller acceptance of the non-physical; the mystical, intuitive, soul aspect of living that expands my consciousness and deepens my days
           I pledge allegiance to actions that fulfill the greatest good for all.
By becoming a gatekeeper of compassion, tolerance and love, I move into a fuller conviction of pure intent with regard to the words that I speak and the choices that I make. I pursue a win-win in all activities of life.
I pledge allegiance to those who have gone before me,
the ancestral lineage whose courage, sacrifice and conviction still live in my bones. I honor the privileges given to me today because of the sweat from their pioneering efforts and the fortitude of their convictions. I give thanks for my responsibility in creating the same for future generations.
I pledge allegiance to a love that has no agenda.
I no longer choose to give for what I might get, to manipulate in order to control, to abandon before I can be abandoned, to tolerate because there are seemingly no other options. I choose to love as a way of being. I am content in my choice whether outside circumstances respond or not. In being love, I create fulfillment above and beyond what the human condition can provide.
I pledge allegiance to the sacredness of laughter,
Knowing that the greatest healing force that exists reverberates from the vibration of humor. I allow humor, joy, eruptions of laughter to make their home in my heart. I let my physical body respond to the physical stimulus and biological wonder that laughter creates and vow to keep this attribute alive and thriving all the days of my life.
© 2004  David Ault