Past, Present, Future‏

Hopstaring your holidays were full of delights in all shapes and sizes and despite the crazy busyness you were able to savor moments with loved ones and the wondrous sights and sounds of the season!

New year new you! many are touting a variety of means for getting rid of the old and the past as if it were something negative or deliterious to our progress.

Yet every experience every action every thought are small pieces within the magnificent mosaic that you are. That like a kaleidoscope a very small turn of the viewer and the entire picture can change. All the same pieces are there all the same colors all the same angles and facets of the lens are still there  yet it is in and through the viewer that the design completely rearranges.

Those turns or shifts occur as we come to perceive the past not as something to be rid of but as a map guiding us through our own ‘hero’s journey’. A journey fraught with all the powerful emotions faced and transformed by such as Theseus, Frodo or Luke Skywalker.

For as a smart friend recently said “You cannot have the Future without fully having  the Now” to which I would add “You cannot have the Now without fully having the Past.”

So I invite you to journey through the feelings of the past as a Hero to create your  Future that most closely resembles the Essence of who you are and why you came.

Much respect, admiration and love for you as you discover the Universe Within!

Be well and happy always and in all ways,    Andrea