Repeating patterns‏

groundhogGreetings Dear Ones,

“He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” Jose Rizal

Today is Groundhog day. Not only a tradition based in centuries old folklore, but the title of a surprisingly profound movie reflecting the individual journey to happiness and fulfillment. Phil (Bill Murray) finds himself in a loop of the same day over and over much as we can find ourselves repeating our damaging patterns over and over.
Many have been experiencing this the last month through some resistance or lack of desire to make the changes we feel we should. This is emphasized by race consciousness and January  advertising for multitudes of products books, articles and experts citing reasons and means primarily focused on physical change. Negating however the natural seasonal cycles and our bodies instinctual need to store resources for survival during the winter months and ‘hibernate’ so to speak.
While we may have a desire to make different choices based on education and heightened health awareness we can still be bound by unfulfilled inner needs and wants, self destructive guilt’s and judgments or feeling we do not measure up to outer expectations. Like the Groundhog and Bill Murray in the movie, relief can be found when we look back to see if any aspect of our shadow self is in control. Our shadow self is not something to demonize or fear, but merely that which has yet come to the light of our consciousness.

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”  –Eckhart Tolle

In the movie Phill finally decides to turn inward and discover himself. After moving through many emotions including anger and despair he chooses Life and finds ways to feel fulfilled in his creative expressions and growth. He is his only companion/friend/constant and comes to truly like himself and his own company.
In the process he expands his sensitivity and awareness of others and cares for them, not for what they can give him, but because he enjoys what he is doing and how he feels in his daily life. This is, despite their inability to understand him or acknowledge him or really do anything for him as they only know him for brief moments throughout one day.

Take one of the most unsettling things you feel exists in your life and decide.
Decide to meet it with love and understanding….
Decide to meet it with a proactive spirit that believes that a solution, an ease, a peaceful resolve rests in the meeting.
Prepare your heart for what it feels like to be joyous over the result. Give life to this solution with your breath.
Let any fear be a helpmate, let it actually support and lift you to an awareness that your next opportunity for growth is revisiting you through this present unsettling because you are now more than capable and authentically ready to meet it.
Learn and value the lesson and transcend its repetitive nature. (Author Unknown)

I invite you  to use this time of the Bear in Native American traditions, for introspection and self exploration allowing the clues and pieces of information that surface in the silence to lead you through the mystery of the pattern’s soul purpose in your life. Many are finding startling and unexpected messages coming from the apparent resistance they are encountering at this time. Young living essential oils that may help:Sage; Clarity; Gentle Baby and Inspiration
As the deeper misbeliefs transform, you can then express the spiritual quality of that pattern in all areas of your life, raising the planetary vibration and creating a New Way, New Life as you move through the rhythm of your day.
Should you decide to allow me to assist in that Discovery process, as always, I would be honored. 

Be well and happy always and in all ways, Andrea