Eclipse, blood moon more!‏

BlossomBursting at the seams! Breaking  to ‘freedom’! Blossoming! This wave of changing expansive energies are being felt by many and in many ways. There is a huge push to ‘come out’, ex-press the essential self. Of course we are seeing and feeling this in Nature as buds stretch and open. But there is also a deeper calling forth of the essence of each one of us to bloom and grow.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

 than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin

“Aries invites us to be very personal about how we are living our life and what we are creating. What do we want to create? What needs to change so that we can leave the familiar behind and courageously blaze new trails? Reassessment begins by digging deeper into our sensitive heart to get to know ourselves better and to understand who we are and why we are here on Mother Earth at this time.”

It seems almost all sessions these days are centering around these deeper soul retrieval pieces allowing for access to that place where the soul’s purpose through one’s greatest joy is revealed. This also allows for the discovery and development of psychic or High Sense Perception abilities- ones true nature. Which then allows the Universe to meet that expressing of your essence with the opportunities, connections and ‘flashes’ of creativity to manifest in and through the physical. Consider setting up some time for you to Discover soul pieces that having been separated from you, impede this expansion and blossoming of you.

April’s New Moon catalyzes an unprecedented lunar cycle providing opportunity for revolutionary change in many facets of our personal lives and in the world. The main event occurring in this lunar month is the Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Square. This Grand Square gateway is intense, challenging and deeply cathartic. It is a doorway that requires a decisive choice to leave one way of being, to live the wisdom gained from the past, and to morph into a new way of being and into a new world paradigm yet to unfold throughout the remainder of the 2010s. This lunar cycle is also highly inspirational to mobilize and emerge into new vistas of creative participation..

An amazing tool to assist in this is the Pineal Toning which when sounded daily can not only open the multi-dimensional levels of your DNA, but help the physical body adjust to the higher frequencies channeling through you. As I have every month for the past year I will be offering the Pineal Tones Fri. April 11th at 7pm (Donation to Camden Rescue Mission). Call 856-904-5566 to save your space.

Such powerful influences form the cosmos and so many in the next ten days! Hold onto your hats!

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square T-Square is active the entire month, with retrograde Mars moving into position to oppose Uranus forming the Grand Square starting on the Total Lunar Eclipse of April 15. The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square peaks on April 20 through April 21, just before Last Quarter Moon. The Grand Square peaks on April 22 through April 23, with the Moon conjoining Pluto and triggering the entire event on April 20. This all leads into the New Moon of April 29, an Annular Solar Eclipse lunar cycle, when we begin a fresh start after this catalytic lunar month.

For those who would like to continue using the archetype of Sound, the Khalsa Healing Arts & Yoga Center 1 S. Main Street Yardley, Pa 19067  215-321-0305  will be hosting an evening of prayer and chanting with the monks form the Drepong Gomang Monastery Mon. April 14 6:30-8pm.

Bringing us into the total lunar eclipse- technically, things will get under way about 1:20am April 15 for the East Coast, reports USA Today.. The moon will take on a reddish hue during the eclipse, hence the nickname “blood moon.” A perfect energy to celebrate Passover, the Exodus from slavery and reflecting on what aspects/beliefs misperceptions enslave you and what ‘Free to be Me’ truly means.

Continuing to ride this wave of powerful transformational energies the “SACRED SISTERHOOD CIRCLE” whose theme is “Change, like Springtime is just under the surface” will be on WED APRIL 16TH  7-9:30pm. We will access Life-forces within the earth and Higher Order Celestial powers riding the ascension wave of the season to unbind emotional chains, increase the Light-body and let your Spirit soar to limitlessness.

Following on this revolutionizing process, we have an opportunity to learn the Pineal Tones and cutting edge health and longevity from a Lemurian Master and brilliant MD, Dr.Todd. “Celebrate the Art and Magic of the Life Code with Pineal Tones™ Technique Saturday, April 19-20  META Center New York. Take a few moments to listen and take in the compelling sounds that can bring you to a place of ‘grounded ascension!

For those who would like to mark this time in a more untraditional/traditional way the Center for Conscious Living will be holding their Easter Sunday Celebration at 10:00am in the  Moorestown Community House  16 E. Main Street, Moorestown, renewing and reaffirming the Master Consciousness in each and everyone of us.

Please take a moment to check out some of the Grace filled Essential Oils that can support your growth and expansion process at this holy time or contact me directly for more personalized reads.

“The celebration starts now and will live on eternally in the joys of being that have birthed from your journey. What has been achieved is real. It has touched All That Is. The very nature of being is expanded, all life is enhanced, and it is your collective energy that has made it so. Through you, the love that has always been, that from which all life births, has awoken in a new way. And so I call this energy, this expansion of being that has birthed from your heart, the Love That Is Awake. It is the very energy of what you call awakening and it is experienced as the opening of the heart to universal, unconditional, awakened love.”    ~ Story Waters, from “Love is Awake.”