Thanks Giving Cycle and Labyrinth‏

Greetings Dear Ones,

cornucopiaHoping you are enjoying this glorious Fall weather!

Thank you” the simplest and yet it has been said the most powerful prayer of all. Why might this be?
“Researchers [have] found that grateful brains showed enhanced activity in two primary regions: the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC). Areas previously associated with emotional processing, interpersonal bonding and rewarding social interactions, moral judgment and the ability to understand the mental states of others. In other words gratitude develops greater understanding and compassion for others. Evidence is mounting that gratitude makes a powerful impact on our bodies, including our immune and cardiovascular health as well.

Our ancestors who participated in this cycle of gratitude and generosity were more likely to survive, or so one theory goes. Robert Emmons quotes a woman who received a life-saving heart transplant: “I have a desire to do something in return. To do thanks. To give thanks. Give things. Give thoughts. Give love. So gratitude becomes the gift, creating a cycle of giving and receiving, the endless waterfall. Filling up and spilling over… perhaps not even to the giver but to someone else, to whoever crosses one’s path. It is the simple passing on of the gift.”

A group at the 92nd Street Y in New York City was uncomfortable with all the [Black Friday] consumerism, and wanted to create a new post-Thanksgiving tradition: Giving Tuesday. Starting in 2012, people were urged to give money rather than spend it on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and the concept caught on. Last year, charities collected more than $50 million in donations on that single day. (Kira Newman)

Gratitude practices can be a means of attracting in more of that which you desire and therefor creating more for which to be grateful. One of two wonderful books to use is Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude” in which she states “Gratitude is the most passionate transformative force in the cosmos. When we offer thanks to God or another human being, gratitude gifts us with renewal, reflection, reconnection”. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is another which has many effective practices for widening ones awareness of just how many things in our lives to be thankful for.

Adding to these practices the essential oils of Gratitude on your 6th chakra also known as your third eye; Frankincense on your throat chakra allowing you to receive and give perpetuating the cycle of gratitude; Aroma Ease on your heart chakra; Abundance on your 2nd chakra; and Grounding on your 1st chakra will allow you to anchor these practices into the body reprogramming at a cellular level and truly feeling the words and thoughts of the practices.

In my personal experience and working with clients, the true power of ‘thank you’ comes forth as those pieces previously in shadow are transformed and transmuted bringing to light the true souls purpose. As this transformation and ‘if the stars are aligned’ and the willingness is there-transmutation occurs, one comes to have a deeply felt sense of the interconnectedness of all things. Then gratitude just naturally bursts forth toward oneself for the hero’s journey undertaken. Towards one’s family and parents for having played their roles in the process leading to this discovery of self. To the Divine Design under and behind all.           Simultaneously ones intuitive abilities and natural high sense perception comes on line, revealing the myriad of ways the universe and all in it are conspiring to join with you, assisting and guiding you to the fuller expression of your essence which automatically compels one to constantly say “Thank you“ to the many aspects of the All validating and confirming this through undeniably synchronous means every day all day!

So perhaps the simple child’s prayer remains the best

“Thank you for the food we eat;
Thank you for the world so sweet;
Thank you for the birds that sing;
Thank you God/Spirit/Source for everything!”

May you be blessed in Always and in All Ways,

Heads Up: Solstice Labyrinth Event Monday Dec. 21   7pm – 9pm
Please call to register as space is limited  856-904-5566
With the help of a wonderful Wise Woman, I have recently built a 30ft Labyrinth in my backyard, christened with a group of very powerful and highly trained world class healers/therapists etc. and which now holds many transformative energetics. We will be walking this prayerful path so be prepared to be outside part of the time.