Circle of Gratitude

There is a great circle of Giving and Receiving that is fueled by Thanksgiving. Particularly in relation to synchronicity which almost becomes a game between you and your Helpers or the Universe or the Divine or whatever name you apply to the underlying movement between you and All that is.

Speaking your thanks is different than feeling gratitude. It comes from a different place in your system and has a somewhat distinct frequency. We are all aware as children that saying ‘thankyou’ is important and we are required to do so to the giver, but when you do so directly in response to a ‘synchronicity’, there is automatically a recognition,  acknowledgement and acceptance that your Helpers-the universe ‘sees and hears’ you, knows your wanting to cooperate and collaborate and is responding to you. Oftentimes even faster than you could foresee!

As you continue this back and forth ‘play’ between you and the universe you may find that you barely even have to finish a thought before you receive an answer, and/or the item, person you were seeking comes in an even greater form than you had anticipated. This is then moving into forms of Magic. Magic being a solution, outcome, response beyond what you imagined and faster than human capability!

Doing daily gratitude practices can engender the feeling energy necessary for the synchronicities to occur. In this week’s Vlog are mentioned some resources for those exercises and more information .

Every major religion and great spiritual teachers, philosophers, philanthropists and those in true service have spoken and taught gratefulness. I invite you to find some of those teachings and the quotes that have been written and make ‘post its’ or write them on your notebooks, in your calendars, etc to bring that frequency in and through your body and Energy Field throughout the day!

Great Young Living essential oils for the season are Gratitude (of course), Believe, Faith and Laurel to honor your relationship with your Helpers and the ‘Universal Wide Web’.

And please know how deeply grateful I am for you being here on the planet at this time doing YOU!


In gratitude for the many gifts I have received throughout this year, all Gift Certificate for services purchased from now until Jan. 10th, 2021, are greatly discounted and the discounted amount will be given to the Camden Rescue Mission or to The Sierra Club or Defenders of Wildlife for projects.

One hour Alchemical Alignment Sessions are Ten dollars off and that amount will go to the Camden Rescue Mission or The Hunger Site

Ninety minute PsychoAlchemy sessions are reduced by $15.00 so it will be forwarded to one of the above causes

Two hour Discover the Universe Within sessions are $20.00 less than regular fee and that $20.00 will support the efforts of the Camden Rescue Mission.

Gift Certificates can be used anytime through March 2021, but the Camden Rescue Mission will receive the funds in time for the Holiday needs.

Please contact me at 856-904-5566 to purchase your gift to yourself or for another.

They can be sent directly to your loved one or forwarded in e-mail form or a hard copy certificate gift wrapped for the holidays.

*********Holiday discounts not to be combined with any other discounts*********