Forgiveness to Thanksgiveness

????????????????????Hope all are enjoying this absolutely glorious autumn the colors the trees and weather close to perfection!
As we are bombarded on one side by the message to Buy Buy Buy, there are many others extolling the virtues of being grateful and expressing our thanks, leading many to feel conflicted, split and separate.

We are celebrating a day to commemorate gratitude to the Native Americans who supplied food and the knowledge to survive in this new land. Yet we have the conflict over the Pipeline reminding us of deep wounds that have yet to be healed between us and between us as humans and this breathtakingly beautiful land we live on.

So too joining together with family and friends reawakening Old Wounds of childhood and revealing philosophical and political divides more apparent than ever. Yet these are the invitations to discover, explore transform and transmute those pains, fears, furies and grief into their highest form by retrieving the piece of us and our soul that are trapped within those old wounds. Through the process of transformation we come to not only forgive what was done, but to move beyond to a level of understanding the beauty of each person’s role in our life and that without the experience we would not be able to evolve the particular facet which is ours alone, adding to the whole.

These unique pieces which when transformed allows you to live your life fearlessly, joyously, painlessly, with equanimity and acceptance for what is and who you are in relation to the world. This is the opportunity personally, culturally, nationally, and globally- for as each one evolves individually, as a whole species we may enter a completely new level of Being. Embodying our Spiritual Essence in a human body.

     One of those amazing Intrepid and committed clients for which I am grateful beyond words, shared this vision in a session this week.

Taking my usual walk on Saturday with Honey (her dog and constant reflection) at my side. Enjoying the 70 degree weather, and the changing leaves. Looking up at the dazzling sunlight, I began to have a “Waking Dream”. My mind wandered to Thanksgiving. Then, in an instant, I was experiencing and sensation in my body being “Home”. But this home wasn’t the home I currently live in, or any other I have lived in the past. It was a home that was everything I enjoy! A warmth filled my lower belly or 2nd chakra with perfection. Like I’ve been working on the particular design for a long, long time. Pride and love filled my heart. All my family members where present. (alive and in spirit) And we were there celebrating a special Thanksgiving. As we gathered, each person’s face came into view, with such happiness and fulfillment. They greeted me with deep love and reverence. We spent time with each other embracing and talking. We had an unspoken knowing of forgiveness for each other. That we all came here together to create this life….. My heart overflows as I feel us, laughing, eating, connecting, and really, for the 1st time, cherishing this time together. My home wasn’t visual, I was feeling it. The warmth, color, uniqueness, alive, and my favorite, comfortable for all. The love we share is totally unconditional!
Everything that I’ve gone thru, all the pain and separation, was for this moment. Being “Home” , forgiving myself and seeing the truth of me for the very 1st time. My homecoming……I am truly thankful

We have two events upcoming where we can take the occasion to learn, expand and grow that precious and special fragment of our process: Please gift this to yourself, your community and our world.

Gathering of Elders” Are you an ‘Old Soul’, ‘Lightworker’ or ‘Committed Spiritual Seeker’? Come explore other dimensional realities through processes of psychonavigation and shapeshifting to access and bring to this plane the gifts, talents abilities and knowledge you hold from other existences, so very needed and called for at this point in time! Tues. Dec. 6th 7-9:30pm Cherry Hill, NJ Call Andrea Regal 856-904-5566 for details Cost: $25 in advance $35 day of eventSacred Sisterhood Circle” Dec. Theme: ‘Giving/Receiving Full Circle’. Learn how to commune and receive energy from the Earth and how doing so gives and feeds the Earth and Nature! Women’s wisdom, gifts, creativity and courage are needed now more than ever! A feminine principle based gathering to develop, transmit and circulate the feminine way. Wed. Dec 14 7-9:30pm Cherry Hill, NJ Call Andrea Regal 856-904-5566 for details Cost: $25 in advance $35 day of event
It is with the deepest honor and humility that I say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my clients and those who connect to my work.